Policing Board responds to Omagh verdict

The Policing Board has unanimoulsy backed an external review of the police investigations into the Omagh bombing. Meanwhile, it was confirmed the two serving PSNI officers directly criticised in the judgement are still on duty and that the Police Ombudsman’s office has forwarded files for charges to the Public Prosecution Service.

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  • Twinbrook resident

    how two policemen who where openly accused by a judge of lying in court and off fabricating evidence are still on ACTIVE service and not firstly suspended is beyond the reasoning of all right thinking people.
    Brings to mind the old slogan…..
    When those who make the law break the law, there is no law!!

  • JD

    This is a clear example of how policing needs still to change, this legacy of the past where police officers can actively try and frame someone and lie in court yet they are not only not charged but allowed to carry on in duty regardless as nothing had happened, an abolute disgrace. The policing board and the PPS need to demonstrate to everyone over the next period that these days are behind us.

  • Adrian Peirson
  • lámh dearg

    but when is Ronnie Flanagan going to apologise to Nuala O’Loan?

  • joeCanuck

    Hopefully before he falls on his sword, as promised.

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  • J Kelly

    wouldn’t mind watching flanagan falling on his or any sword for that matter

  • harry

    will sinn fein be raising this issue with the highest urgency in the DPp??? i am confident the “manners” will be taught to these cops and their eye turning boss?

    yeah, right.

  • C

    “…the Board believes that an independent external overview of the investigations would be of value at this stage” (Des Rea speaking after the Policing Board meeting)

    Whilst the terms of reference are not decided, the language would seem to suggest that this will NOT be conducted by the Ombudsman’s office. After the previous OPONI report would now seem to have been validated it is stange to pass this investigation to an outside body. What was OPONI created for if not for matters such as this? Surely, the Policing Board should be supporting OPONI given the recent judgement.

    And yes, where is Ronnie? I’m starting to get a bit concerned…

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  • harry

    my understanding was that with our caped sf crusaders on the policing boards and dpps that this type of blatant disregard for the processes of law and justice by the cops would be a thing of the past?

    didnt Adams loudly pontificate that psf would teach them manners?

    surely this is yet another example of the cops being a law onto to themselves and being aided and abetted by the “NI establishment”.

    when will PSF supporters catch themselves on and realise that their alternative stratgey is as effective as a snowball in hell?

  • Siphonophore

    Fair Deal puts up two articles 20 minutes apart one about the Ombudsman and one about the PSNI, both organisations behaved in a manner incompatible with their objectives and both should be criticised.

    What I find illustrating is the divergence in those choosing to comment on the Ombudsman thread but not on the PSNI thread. Volumes being spoken with not a word wasted.

    I think those criticising the Ombudsman while remaining silent on the PSNI thread significantly devalue the relevance of their moral judgement.

  • McGrath

    Posted by Siphonophore on Jan 04, 2008 @ 09:02 PM

    I think only because there is less ambiguity in this thread.

    I don’t think there will be many on this forum that will rise to the defense of the two officers in question.

    My main concern is how the PNSI will handle this, the two officers still being on duty seems to be a good indicator of the magnitude of the outcome.

    I’m predicting a 1/2 hour of community service for each then a well earned pay raise.

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  • Born 1950 Seen it all

    Siphonophore your so right old Turgon and friends are lost really they want so much for us to roll over and play their forefathers game. They want us to believe they are JUST the most decent people. They are not really bad people they are just afraid of the truth so they hide behind words that mean nothing really just words.

  • Born 1950 Seen it all

    Oh and the same goes for stones and his buddies. there are a very few people on here who genuine and it shows in their OCCASIONAL posts.Keep it up ladies.Your worth reading.

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