Hitchcock, Scorsese and the selling of Spanish wine…

If you’ve got ten minutes to watch this with the sound on… It’s a Martin Scorsese spoof of ‘lost Hitchcock movie’ for a certain make of Cava. Product placement par excellence…


  • susan

    lol. The “pre-interview” spoof with Scorsese was priceless, and no more surreal than many a Slugger thread.

    Since this is a film thread…and because it made me laugh out loud this morning… I’m linking the trailer for “Walk Hard,” a spoof of recent Ray Charles and Johnny Cash biopics.

    “This is going to be the best day ever!”

    “Yeah, aint nothin’ horrible goin’ to happen today…”


  • joeCanuck

    And, boy, he didn’t half capture the flavour of Hitchcock.
    The ending is priceless.

  • Brilliant! Piss-take and homage in a ten minute advertising campaign! No doubt the ad company will receive awards for this viral campaign – and for once an advertising agency deserves it!