Magilligan replacement to be announced by Christmas?

According to this report by the BBC’s Vincent Kearney, the NI Affairs Committee – whose chairman had criticised the “biased criteria” being used to decide the location of the replacement for Magilligan prison – is to recommend building that replacement on the site of the current jail. And the same report predicts that, with 4 of the 5 options under consideration involving building at that site, NI Prisons Minister, Paul Goggins, MP, is about to announce his decision to do just that.

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  • Aquifer

    The site seems hard on visiting relatives, and could make it more likely that criminals will gang up rather than rehabilitate.

  • ulsterfan


    When was prison used as a means to rehabilitate prisoners?
    Someone had this idea about 50 years ago but it was soon forgotten when it did not work.
    We hope criminals are put away in order that the rest of us can live in peace.
    There is no great sympathy for the relatives as NI is such a small place and visitors can reach the prison within 2/3 hours at most.