Ahem… ‘we lost them in the post… again…’

Not sure how they are going to blame this one on Gordon Brown, but something inside the British Civil Service is dangerously astray… This time ‘the missing discs‘ are/were the property of the “Driver and Vehicle Agency in Northern Ireland has lost the personal details of 6,000 people”. It was on its way to the DVLA in Swansea when it was unavoidably inexplicably waylaid… Someone about to get a new job somewhere else?


  • I just love it, I can just imagine GB head in hands saying “Why Me, Why me?” Sorry to all the folk whose details have wandered off, but really Gordon is just not a lucky man.

  • Aquifer

    This is crap. Such discs should not be posted without encrypting them first, with the encryption key sent separately. The DVLA were forever losing ID documents posted to them. Suspect fraud.

  • jim

    why aren’t you saying anything about sinn fein’s lurch to the right at the weekend? is there something about the topic you find toxic, like sf’s abandonment of its last left-wing pretensions as it morphs into an anti-immigrant, pro-business clone of ff,fg and others?

  • harry


    not up on this story, heard pearse doherty talking about grassroot reconnection, but what do mean by lurch to the right??

    as denis mack smith said of former socialist mussolini… he moved to where the money was.

  • realst

    Jim the 2 liars have to sing from the same hyme sheet now regardless of eithers voters aspirations in the advancement of the holy buck both obviously call god.
    Surely the brits must have both over a barrel.
    With the speed that big No No No man ian turned to being like a life long buddy of martin.
    The brits must have informed ian recently that the process was only possible due to martin working for british intel and had been responsible for dismantling the IRA structures and support groups such as Noraid etc from within. To such an extent that any disgruntled grouping would have little or nothing left to carry on with. As a result the union was safer now than ever, In effect the bad old fenian peraniah had been left with no teeth.
    On the other hand martin now does what he`s told by his british masters or risk the exposure of his and others treason over a long period in which many people died in questionable circumstances including a large number of volunteers.
    Should this happen, Spin fein would undoubetly be finished as a party and big ian would have to possibly share goverment partnered by some one with an honest background.
    Would surely not suit him.
    U only have to look at adams, he`s got serious problems and it shows. He knows that even the ordinary voters without military backgrounds are growing more amazed by the absence of decent proper representation from spin fein in contrast to the tidal wave of positive things for unionism.
    On the other subject.It has to be another nail in the coffin of the ill fated ID card.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I’m wondering why people are posting CD-ROMs containing records around in the first place. A decent 2Mb internet connection would allow you to upload the contents of a CD in about 45 minutes, give or take. And if people have the right to access sensitive government records, there should be a mechanism where they can dial up or connect in to retrieve the info they need.

  • Damian O Loan

    What if all opposition to ID cards, as seems increasingly to be the case, founded on Governments ability to securely maintain the information, as opposed to collect and keep it and use it for whatsoever purposes the Government of the day chooses?

    Then in a year or two, Westminster could unveil some magical encryption techniques, implement some new structures in a relatively insignificant little department here and there, and go right on ahead with ID cards with the opponents in tatters. Would that not be clever?

  • Some years ago I worked for Victim Support. Each of the offices was able to upload back ups to the main server every friday with no trouble ever in the time I worked there. This was five years ago and we all know how internet technology has improved in five years, so why can’t the DVLA do what Victim Support has done with it’s sensative information for years?

  • McGrath

    I guess they have never heard of Secure FTP. I suppose Encrypted VPN would be out of the question.

    They probably paid 84,000 quid for the 1X CD Writer, so they have to justify its existence.

  • realst

    The so called ID card is most likely an introductory means to something much more advanced which would facilatate driving lic, passport,credit card and medical etc.
    Could it be the case, the ID aspect is only a starting point as this would be the biggest hurdle in winning over the populus thus once accepted in general, amendments(add ons) would be relativity easy and become the norm
    The list could be very complex as it must be in target sights of most goverments with the final amendment to these cards in the way of all financial transactions.(do away with money as we know it)
    Order a few drinks at the bar,swipe ur card through the reader where the till once was and the tax man deducting his cut immediately before depositing credits to the pubs account.
    One would anticapate this to be conveniant, no need for all the clutter that comes with travelling abroad etc.
    working the double would automatically become a casulty with an increased national revenue for all of societys dependants.
    Illegal emigrants would have no incentive to work here ( unless they take tv`s etc as payment for services rendered. we would all have to revert back to bartering. (i`ve a spare tv i`ll swop for ur lawnmower etc)What most people may or not dislike about such an efficent system is the administration bodies with the duty to oversee and process the operation.Should such a scheme be introduced I can only hope and prey the banks etc are excluded from such bodies. Hard to imagine them for what ever reason not getting in on the act.
    Job loss`s would be inevetable and the police would most likely have the power to hold you for screening at a local police station if stopped without your ID card. Another downside
    An absulate nightmare trying to understand a multi account statement. Many more opertunities would become available for financial institutions to rip people off (and get away with it as usual) coupled with the disturbing fact that if children were included and all info incrypted on your card was available to insurance companies,the children could inccur heavy levys or fail to get cover attributed to blood disorders etc detected whilst providing DNA etc for card processing.
    By the time this comes we`ll undoubtibly get the bill through the letter box(scrap that) cyber space for the use of certain roads during peak times. People will take part on space trips with Branson`s group and we`ll know who double crossed who etc etc.
    Bring it on.

  • Cap’n Bob

    Comrade Stalin it gets worse.

    The Child Benefit data was all sent to the NAO unencrypted when the NAO wanted a sample of the data.

    A senior member of staff reckoned it would take too much time to take a sample than send rather than send the whole lot unprotected and unecrypted.

  • The Pict

    After this happened in Ohio all such data must be encrypted before being sent.

  • Rory

    In order to ensure the safety of the discs in transit why don’t they just artfully label them as Chris de Burgh cd’s and clearly mark so on the outside of the packaging. That would surely guarantee that no one would want to pinch them.

  • stogiejack

    While I can sympathise with those individuals whose details have been lost in both cock-ups, why is no-one pointing the finger at Royal Mail and its subsidiaries. After all, it was the mail services who lost these discs in the first place. I can remember when first class post meant next working day, but there seems to be serious descrepancies and delays in Northern Ireland. First Class post from England to Belfast is now taking upwards of five days!!

  • Cap’n bob

    TNT was responsible for the Child Benefit fiasco.

    should87 have been encrypted whatever way they were sent.

  • Cap,n bob

    Chancellor Alistair Darling has said a junior official was responsible for sending the discs by post – in breach of HMRC security rules.

    But Mr Thomas told MPs: “I would question whether anybody should be allowed to download an entire database of this scale without going through the most rigorous pre-authorisation checks.”

    He said software should be in place to stop entire databases being downloaded, adding of the missing discs: “It was a really shocking example of loss of security.”

    18 October – Junior official from HMRC in Washington, Tyne and Wear, sends two CDs containing password-protected records to audit office in London through courier TNT, neither recorded nor registered
    24 October – When package fails to arrive, second one is sent by registered post and arrives safely
    3 November – Senior managers are told first package has been lost
    10 November – Prime minister and other ministers are informed
    12 November – HMRC tell ministers CDs will probably be found
    14 November – When HMRC searches fail, Metropolitan Police are called in
    15 November- Richard Thomas, Information Commissioner, says remedial action must be taken before public is informed

    What would that remedial action be?
    Enforce security standards, or spin it for all that it can?