“There were several layers of irony in this..”

The BBC’s Mark Devenport points to the “layers of irony” in the “thinly veiled threats” from the NI Executive’s Finance Minister, DUP’s Peter Robinson’s statement in the Assembly last night. And there was an interesting joint appearance on Stormont Live, video below, of the leaders of what the NI Executive’s Deputy First Minister, Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness, is now calling the “problem parties” – the footage of that statement is worth watching for in today’s UTV Live news programme.

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  • Outsider

    Its all a lot of claptrap to be perfectly honest.

    If the DUP and SDLP were top dogs they would be overriding sinn fein/ira and the UUP, its all about power.

    The DUP have no interest in the union they want to obliterate the UUP and become top dogs.

  • The Dubliner

    Outsider, that assumes that the personalities are interchangeable. Is Paisley interchangeable with Reg Empey? Is Mark Durkan interchangeable with Martin McGuinness? [text removed – play the ball and try to stick to the point Dub – moderator]

  • parci

    is it just me, or does anyone else think Reg looks like Dr.Suess’s “The cat in the hat”

  • Belfast Gonzo

    It was amusing to see Peter Robinson come that close to telling the UUP and SDLP to behave under the rules of the Good Friday Agreement.

    Course, since the DUP often couldn’t even bring themselves to take their seats under the GFA he can hardly expect the UUP and SDLP to do as they’re told under the ‘new improved’ St Andrews Deal.

    I still expect the SDLP and UUP to fall into line like good little coalition partners come the day of the really crucial vote though.

  • middle-class ****

    “Since McGuinness believes in shooting people in the back of the head to advance his career…”

    Is it just me, or would this not seem to constitute a rather flagrant infraction of this site’s vaunted “man, not ball” rule? It would be enough to get some of us a red card.

    On the matter at hand, it appears that the SDLP and UUP are seeking to cobble together a kind of middle-class opposition coalition-of-the-sneering. The problem that they’ll have is that Robinson can bring the government down, make the election about behaviour in coalition, wipe the floor with the UUP (for other reasons), and then carry on as before with his hand strengthened. With the added bonus of ushering Paisley out.

  • If you don’t like it oh yeah feel free to press [alt] + [f4] and stay away this time, without the piss poor dos attacks, fecking amature. If you where anything more than an annoying trolling waste of skin you’d see that the cries of bias come from either side of the sectarian divide, in particular in any thread Chris Donnelly starts, usually a good sign the site is actually doing it’s job.

  • Mick Fealty


    Removed the offending text. If you see anything like that, just drop me a line and I’ll sort it.


    You’d have bit more authority in what you are saying, if you hadn’t chosen the email address you have.

    For the sake of keeping us all square, take this as a friendly warning.

  • Hogan

    I’m willing to be corrected but i’d say the attck on McGuinness was ‘man not ball’. McGuinness is of the physical force republican tradition, that is a fact.

    However it would be hard to prove that he believed shooting people in the back of the head was a way to advance his career.

    What would be less hard to prove however was that he believed shooting people in the back of the head would advance a united Ireland.

    So i’d say re-phrase and the remark can stand.

  • Hogan

    Apologies Mick.

    We posted at the same time. I wasn’t aware you had already made the ruling.

    No offence intended.

  • Mick Fealty

    None taken. I think people should drive hard on this kind of behaviour, and give us a hard time if we don’t act in a timely fashion. It’s certainly not in my interests to have ad hominem remarks left lying around and pulling the level of debate down.

  • DC

    Republicans have been known to kill without mercy or to have supported such acts and Republicans are not abstract entities but human, which Martin McGuinness is too, believe it or not. He was also known to be involved in such ‘without mercy’ vengeful acts of retribution reference his own undisputed IRA Army Council position; all of this has been agreed from unimpeachable sources across Britain, Ireland and indeed other parts of the world.

  • lib2016

    …and a million dead Iraqis don’t count!

  • The Dubliner

    Did McGuinness advance a united Ireland via shooting others in the back (and the front) of their heads? Clearly, he retarded it and not advanced it. Is it a reasonable proposition to assume that he believed that murder would advance a united Ireland? No, it isn’t. There was no plan put forward and no endgame. Indeed, his fellow murderer Gerry Adams has admitted that the murders would not advance a united Ireland. McGuinness himself as admitted this by ceasing his murder campaign in return for a political career. Since the murders did not advance the stated goal and were not intended to advance the stated goal, they can have had no purpose beyond a criminal sociopath advancing his own selfish interests, e.g. his political career, financial interests, and status within the community.

  • The Dubliner

    Which, of course, feeds into the wider point that criminal sociopaths are incapable of serving any interests other than their own. Indeed, their pathological modus operandi is to serve their own interest and empowerment at the direct expense of others. That makes them unfit for any office where they are expected to put the interests of others before their own – a task that they are pathologically incapable of accomplishing.

    But keep on with the fantasy that folks didn’t elect criminal degenerates if that makes you happy. 😉

  • mmmmmmmm

    The position of the DUP and Sinn Fein is now (if it hadnt a long time ago) reached the level of 5 star ridiculous.

    The DUP yesterday accused the UUP/SDLP/Alliance of being ‘problem parties’.

    Robinson claimed that the UUP should not play ‘Hokey cokey’ in the executive – come on, has to be a piss take! after the DUP ministerial merrygoround.

    Robinson got attacked on several fronts for being a control freak wannabe dictator and spat the dummy launching personal attacks and suggesting he could bring the whole thing down….despite ‘negotiating’ that this was no longer possible.

    Robinsons (both) slammed David McNarry for being ‘disrespectful’ by turning his back on the speaker (Iris) – Jesus a career has been made by Robinson and the DUP in talking over/mimicking/booing/hissing/ignoring/backturning on anyone who wouldnt agree with them.

    Sammy Wilson accused Jim Alaister of offering nothing constructive and claiming that constant whinging and complaining and constant negativity would get him nowhere….well it seemed to do the DUP themselves no harm!

    The DUP have gone from not entering a room of thousands because Shinners were present to tag teaming with them in the assembly to attack others…where once DUP members took interventions from fellow DUP members to slam dunk the shinners, they are now tag teaming with SF to attack others….all strange but all true.

    Not to mention claiming the kitchen sink and all its benefits for everything except of course the coalition and anything negative because that was someone elses fault!!

    They must think people are stupid I just hope they are wrong.

  • mmmmmmm

    I didnt even mention the Shinner’s policy and behaviour too much ludicrous hypocricy from the DUP.

    *Green Book ehhhhhh gone.
    *Playing second fiddle to the DUP – call it ‘co-chair’ all you want martin the correct term is ‘deputy’
    *United Ireland..not even attempting to bring this closer until you find a way to break into the Irish political scene lol
    *Social justice priorities – long gone
    *PPP/PFI – come on in !!!
    *Big business take a seat….the working man…ehh join that very long line!