Oppositional games

The BBC’s Mark Devenport pointed to the exchange (captured on the YouTube video below) between the Northern Ireland Executive’s Deputy First Minister, or “co-chair” as he refers to himself as, Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness, and the Alliance Party leader David Ford, as the “put down of the day”. Except, it’s how you’d expect any government to treat a party of the opposition, official or not, even here in our administration. The only point left to make is whether he did, or did not, answer the question.

below the foldMore oppositional games in the Assembly. Despite the vote, 24-50 against the Alliance motion, some interesting comments to note from the report on the marathon session in the Assembly today.

The DUP said the structure of the assembly was built around a mandatory coalition, principally negotiated by the Ulster Unionist Party and the SDLP.

Finance Minister Peter Robinson said: “The basis upon which any coalition government can move forward is on the basis for a programme for government.

“And so that there is no doubt at a later stage, without an agreed programme for government, there cannot be government.”

So much for that new “indigenous” deal, then..

And “without an agreed programme for government, there cannot be government”? Tautology, much?