From British Irish Interparliamentary Body

From Gary Kent (miles from the nearest computer)

I am spending a couple of days at a stately pile near David Camerons constuency in deepest Oxfordshire with 60 parliamentarians from across these islands. This is for the twice yearly meeting of the British Irish Inter Parliamentary Body. This morning we had a general political debate which allows people to sound off on various pet issues.

The debate was framed well by Irish Woman of the Year May Blood who said that there was a fragile peace which hid deep levels of division and she appealed for increased integrated education and housing so that peace is built on rock rather than sand

Barry McElduff a new Sinn Fein member weighed in with support for a new education village on the 200 acre Lisnally site of a former British Army barracks in Omagh – dripping in symbolism. Schools would share space and services which is a move away from segregation.