TG4 for all in NI?

Hidden in the detail of a new report from Ofcom (communications regulator) is the news that Irish-language channel TG4 is to be broadcast on Freeview in NI.

“S4C, the Gaelic Digital Service (GDS), and TG4 will each be available on a PSB multiplex in, respectively, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland (subject to any other agreements or consents required); and Five will be available to 98.5% of the UK population via DTT.”

Though it’s not something I’d see confirmed before – and there’s no detail as to when it might happen (presumably before digital switchover in 2012) – it’s obviously in keeping with the plans laid out in the Good Friday Agreement.

TG4 is already available in the north, on analogue – but at a very low power. Indeed, there are even parts of Belfast where the channel can’t be picked up. On Freeview, coverage across the entire six counties will be guaranteed.