“it is only right that we should set aside a significant amount of money..”

The BBC reports one of the total amounts of public funds, some £5million, granted to “victims’ and survivors’ groups” last year from the Office of the First and Deputy First Ministers – although there’s an additional £1.6million from that same Office given via PEACE II. The figures were published in an Assembly written answer to a question from the DUP’s Jeffrey Donalson, MP, MLA, and he is quoted in the BBC report – “I think it is only right that we should set aside a significant amount of money for the victims sector.” Perhaps, but it’s worth looking more closely at what’s being added together, who received the funds, how much they got, and what they used the money for. Something there for just about everyone to complain about.. and not all of those questions are answered by those lists. More below the fold.Adds While the reports compare last year’s funding levels with 2002-03 it’s worthwhile noting the intervening years’ totals – before checking who’s getting what.

Year – Total

2002-03 – £468,322

2003-04 – £3,411,454

2004-05 – £3,830,845

2005-06 – £3,703,668

2006-07 – £4,812,427

  • dezelbezel

    the “peace dividend” cash cow rolls on!

  • jack black

    I find it strange that Jeffrey Donaldson can say that while we have no clearly defined picture of who is and who is not a victim in public policy. Is money being distributed to a Sinn Fein definition? Or an SDLP definition?

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  • susan

    There are many extraordinary aspects to those lists, Pete.

    There seem to be about 159 organisations on the first list, and as you indicate there indeed seems to be “something there for just about everyone to complain about.” Yet even more extraordinary is that rather than going to the direct benefit of a wide net of victims and survivors, I can find only two organisations — WAVE and the NI Centre for Trauma & Transformation — receiving more than the Interim Commisioner for Victims and Survivors itself, llisted at £296,978.

    Do you know what part of that sum is salary, and what part is administrative costs of maintaining the office?

  • Pete Baker

    Sorry, susan

    I don’t have a breakdown of that sum available.

  • Did he really say Victims Sector. That alone is a bit worrying, that there is or is even thought to be a victim’s sector.