Right guys. It would appear that the best answer was the very first one.

Right guys. It would appear that the best answer to my question yesterday on where to find the Northern Ireland soccer match in London on Wednesday, was the very first one given. Here’s the map. The Famous Three Kings in West Kensington it is then. See you there, I hope! I’m opening up invitations on the Slugger Facebook group too!

  • Dont be watching it on BBC Mick cos BBC Northern Ireland’s coverage on Saturday night last night was possibly the most amateurish and unprofessional I have ever seen.

    As Jackie Fullerton blabbered on at the end of the game about a “winner takes all” match against Spain on Wednesday night,Spain were already 2-0 up against Sweden and basically that was it. Spain were through and Jackie was talking even more bo**ocks than usual….!

    This didnt stop the Beeb though as absolutely no reference whatsoever was made to the latest score in the other crucial game in the group and so Jackie Fullerton and then Stephen Watson continued to harp on about a winner takes all game against Spain.

    It was insulting to the viewers and was effectively Keystone Cops Television, where someone clearly decided that to let the facts get in the way of a good fantasy, would be in some way detrimental to the viewers.

    A total shambles…

    No wonder Sky have now got the new contract….

  • What was the point in that copy and paste? “Don’t watch it on the Beeb”? Unless you can sort Mick out with tickets to Gran Canaria there’s not much choice.

  • PeaceandJustice

    To macswiney – I enjoyed the coverage on the BBC. The commentators got into the spirit of the occasion. Perhaps you should lighten up a bit and enjoy the excitement.

  • Mick Fealty

    That would be acceptable beano, certainly. So long as I can get back to London for work first thing the next day! 😉

  • Beano,

    The point was that all have I heard in work this morning was people slagging them off for the exact same reason. Effectively, Spain’s victory ended NI hopes of qualification cos the chances of Sweden losing at home to Latvia + NI beating Spain are huge. (currently 100/1 with Boylesports).

    Never really heard of a TV Station deliberately with-holding another scoreline to make the viewers feel good before.

    Bizarre really….

  • Mick Fealty

    Many’s the slip… The worst pre match atmosphere I recall from anywhere was that amongst the Republic’s fans as they were filing in to watch the Swiss match two years ago. Depressing. And I am fairly certain it got to the players.

    Let’s hope NI fans play it right up and through to the end, regardless of what is happening in Sweden.

  • rubin

    Was at the game Mick

    Unease was certainly growing towards Kerr at the time & there was a distinct lack of confidence on & off the pitch.

    That happens sometimes when you get used to qualifying for world cup’s etc.

    We were never going to beat the Swiss that night, especially when kerr subbed Keane after 25 minutes and then brought on Gary Doherty? to try and turn the game.

  • PeaceandJustice

    To macswiney – given your great concern over the reporting of the match, I trust you do support the team and are not on here trying to make a political point.

    The chances of qualifying are slim. But as I said – lighten up and get into the spirit of things. When there is still a chance, enjoy it! The team is for everyone including miserable people like you! 🙂

  • The Devil

    Dear Mick,

    I have tickets for the match which were given to me by a high ranking official in the Spanish Government/Inquisition, the problem is that I hung them up beside the toilet as I considered it the most appropriate position for them.
    You’re more than welcome to the remnants of the said tickets which are down to the stubbs after nine pints of Guinness and a vindaloo from little India on Saturday night.

    P:S If you don’t have any rubber gloves and the keys to the local sewage treatment plant I suggest you visit the local building site where you can watch an almighty hammering, a through drilling, a whitewash and an awful bloody mess for free without the risk of some drunken fool drenching your clothes with spilt drinks, I would also be quite confident that the walls will probably be more solid as well.

  • Mick Fealty

    Absolutely rubin.

    “That happens sometimes when you get used to qualifying for world cup’s etc.”

    That’s what made it doubly depressing. We need a bit of success in island Soccer again. It’s certainly a long shot, but Northern Ireland have earned their shot at glory against some otherwise daunting opposition. No question.

  • Mike

    The Devil –

    What exactly was the point of that post?

  • Glyn

    I still propound, against all opposition, that the SPORTS CAFE on Haymarket, between Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square and next to the Phantom of the Opera theatre, is more central and has an equally mediocre range of beer. It’s on several floors so some will be showing it.

    Warning! I’ve been to the F3K (it’s on my side of town) and they’ve had all 8 or 9 screens showing an England game. I’m not sure if that’s because they have a single Sky thingy (technical term) or not. PHONE THEM IN ADVANCE TO CONFIRM ON 0872 984 2767

  • Ex Pat Pat

    Glyn, I have been to the F3K on numerous occasions and they have always showed a wide variety of matches, even when England have been playing – you must have been very unlucky that evening.

    The Sports Cafe is closer to me but I still make the “trek” to West Ken because that’s where most of the London-based Norn Iron fans tend to go.