Whatever you say, say nothing?

Interesting postscript to Jim Fitzpatrick’s trailer for tomorrow’s Politics Show – with some recent analysis of the US role here in mind

PS – At a book launch in Belfast last night, Lord Trimble revealed how talks with Sinn Fein during the “Mitchell Review” moved to the American Ambassador’s residence in London.

Hitherto, he recalled, the talks had been bad tempered and unproductive. But the London venue proved very fruitful. “Winfield House”, he assured his unionist delegation “is probably the only building in London that isn’t bugged by MI5.”

Did that explain the much improved tone of the talks? Apparently not. As the American Ambassador’s residence it was most likely bugged by the CIA and according to David Trimble his republican opponents were simply afraid that a transcript of the daily discussions would be landing on Bill Clinton’s desk each morning.