Is that everyone?..

I have no wish to tempt fate.. but, despite the devices in Dublin and in Belfast today, the currently reported threats to various groups need some scepticism. While there have been repeated reports of threats to SF representatives, and now to Orange Order members, from non-mainstream republicans [and not members of Ógra Shinn Féin – No hatred, then? – Ed], the only people attacked to date have been serving police officers – and there is recent analysis to suggest there are reasons to doubt the veracity of those threats. As for the threat to the SDLP.. apart from the continuing threat from non-mainstream republicans, since joining the DDPs, the newly reported threat from non-mainstream UDA sources doesn’t make sense. After all.. Cui bono?.. Additionally, as Eamonn McCann suggested, whose problem is paramilitary politics the continued use of the threat of political violence?..From Eamonn McCann’s article

How can the Edentubber Martyrs be recalled with sadness and pride if, simultaneously, the dissidents of today are rejected with scorn? The question is raised, regularly, explicitly, aptly, understandably, by the dissidents themselves. Ask them directly to justify taking pot-shots at off-duty policemen, and they’ll tell you that they are out to keep faith with the republican past and to ensure the future of their struggle.

Tell them that they are on the wrong road and they’ll tell you that it’s a road already well-travelled by republicans now held everywhere in high esteem.

Tell them that, nevertheless, it’s the road to God-knows-where and they will tell you that the Republic was proclaimed in the name of God, too, and that they, like Gerry Adams in the past, and again, fleetingly, last Sunday, see it still as the only shining path to freedom.

Within the parameters of republican thinking, they have a point. And there’s the problem. Republicanism.

The problem is republicanism.