As Zhou Enlai said..

RTÉ reports confirmation of something we already knew.. although the confirmation does come from the White House spokeswoman. But here’s the interesting line

“Over the past several years, the United States has actively supported peace efforts in Northern Ireland, which culminated in the formation of a unified Northern Ireland government.”

Just how “actively” was the subject of some recent analysis. Mind you, the futuring involved in this line

“The President looks forward to congratulating the two leaders on overcoming years of violent conflict, and for taking the historic path toward a peaceful and prosperous future for all the people of Northern Ireland.”

May be somewhat premature.. and not just in South Armagh.. And that’s before considering other potential complications..

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  • parci

    3 tee-totallers Bush/Paisley/McGuiness
    Maybe they could teach george some irish dancing

  • Pete Baker

    Try to focus on the topic, parci.. rather than distractions.

  • Shawn

    Funny pete how you only link to republican violence completely ignoring the much more common loyalist violence

  • Pete Baker

    Yeah, Shawn, I never point to loyalist violence..

    Ermm.. You’re new here aren’t you?

  • Frank Sinistra


    Is the quote in those links? I’m assuming the title is a reference to diplomacy being the continuation of war by other means?

    Sometimes your posts take more effort than a crossword ;0)

  • Frank Sinistra

    By the way I disagree, working towards the creation of an economically viable northern state (a futile exercise imo) is the opposite of diplomacy as a tool of war, it seems more like diplomacy as a tool of protecting the status quo.

  • Pete Baker


    Just trying to encourage some independent thought..

    But in answer to your question..

    “It’s too soon to say..”

  • Frank Sinistra

    I like my quote better. It didn’t help with 17 across though.

    And the best one on the list is the one neither of us were thinking of, the reply that works for both the players in our ‘indigenous deal’.

    (indigenous deal, ffs, you are taking control of my mind Mr Baker)

  • Pete Baker

    Now, now, Mr Sinistra,

    It’s not mind-control, it’s an education.. ;op

  • Frank Sinistra

    Though, back on my Socialist bandwagon this is yet another demonstration of SF’s failing on the basics of Socialism and anti-Imperialism. No true Socialist or anti-Imperialist would court US involvement in the Irish economy. We ain’t got rid of the old boss lets get in the worst boss?

    They’re going to have the brassneck to campaign against the EU Treaty on its anti-worker basis while wooing the US Government and Investors? Shamelessness is a prerequisite?

  • Billy Pilgrim

    What the hell is the subject Pete?

    Please, please, PLEASE could you try and get a handle on your predilection for backlinks? They’re just soooooooo annoying that I generally don’t even bother with your topics any more.

    Which is an awful shame, as I do quite admire your forensic attention to detail.

    (If not your one-eyed cynicism.)

  • Frank Sinistra


    I think of Pete like The Times crossword (bloody Imperialists). I normally don’t bother because my attention span and inability to think it through can lead to frustration but when I occasionally work out the logic of the puzzle setter and fill in a few blanks to get an answer I’m a bit chuffed.

    Its too much like hard work so I don’t bother very often.

    I’m having to think of quotes by a dead Chinese communist to work out the point in this blog. Is that a good or bad thing? I’m going with bad.

  • joethetroll

    Dont worry pete it wont be long before joeCanuck comes on to say exactly what you want to hear.As for paeci i liked his post it got right to the point.Most people dont want to be reeducated were happy to read and then think for ourselves.Not that i am as smart as you.Or as well educated.

  • PaddyReilly

    Hm. Here we have a thread by Pete Baker with nine links to be read before one can make any sense of it. But most of the links seem to be to previous threads on Slugger, all of them created by…you’ve guessed it…Pete Baker.

    And of course they all have more links to be followed, presumably leading to further threads by Pete Baker. (I havent actually followed them, there’s only so much a human can endure.)

    Then there is the cryptic reference to Zhou en-lai. Possibly Maotsedong was intended, and the message is, purchase read and memorise the works of our glorious Chairman. The chairman whose works need to be memorised in this case is probably not Mao but…you’ve guessed it…Pete Baker. Where can one get this egregious volume? No don’t bother answering, it’s probably easier to move to another thread. Or we could declare this to be an open thread, and discuss anything we want.

  • Briso

    Might I suggest the title, “Paisley and McGuinness to visit Washington”?

  • Alan

    “Try to focus on the topic, parci.. rather than distractions. ”

    A propos of the rest of the thread, I think this comment points up the general difficulty. If you distract from the topic there is no focus and without a focus there is no topic.

    Some cutting clarity would help those of us without a morning to spend decyphering your intent.

  • joeCanuck

    Chou (pronounced “joe”) Enlai, asked on a visit to France what impact he thought the French Revolution had had on world history said “It’s too soon to say” (as Pete pointed out).

    Good enough for you joethetroll?


    I have to agree with Billy Pilgrim – these links back to previous slugger posts, which themselves are full of links elsewhere is just too complicated.

    I like Pete’s subjects and attention to detail a lot – can we just make the posts a little easier to follow?

  • cut the bull

    I realise that this may be the wrong thread for this but the Parades commission have made a decision on the Pride of the Raven protest parade. Im sure the band will not be amused agghhh shucks. They are only allowed to intimidate the taigs in the Shoert Strand now.

    Check the Parades Commission website

  • joeCanuck

    There is nothing on the site, cut the bull.
    Care to provide a link?

  • cut the bull and search parades for 24th November Pride of the Raven and see decision.

  • cut the bull


    The Parades Commission’s determination is that the following conditions are placed on the organiser and participants in the parade by the Pride of the Raven Flute Band on Saturday, 24 November 2007.

    A. Only the Pride of the Raven Flute Band shall take part in this parade, participants totalling no more than 40 people.

    B. On the notified outward route, only a hymn tune shall be played between the Newtownards Road and Susan Street junction and the junction of the Bridge End Flyover and Bridge End.

    C. On the notified return route, only a hymn tune shall be played between the Bridge End Flyover over Middlepath Street and the Newtownards Road and Susan Street junction.

    D. The parade shall not process that part of its notified return route beyond the junction of Dublin Road and Ormeau Avenue. Instead, the parade may return along Ormeau Avenue and Adelaide Street, thereby rejoining the notified return route.

    E. The parade shall commence at 10.00 am and shall disperse no later than 12.30 pm.

    F. When the parade is in progress there shall be no undue stoppages or delays apart from the short protest outside Windsor House. Where practicable the parade shall stay close to the near side of the road at all times to minimise disruption and to facilitate the passing of vehicular and other traffic.

    G. The organiser shall arrange for the presence of an adequate number of stewards to ensure that all parade participants and supporters act in an orderly manner.

    H. The parade organiser shall bring to the attention of stewards the guidance for parade participants and supporters contained in Appendices A and B of the Commission’s Code of Conduct. For ease of reference Appendices A and B are attached to this determination.

    I. In particular, the Commission would reiterate to the parade organiser that all participants and supporters in this parade should behave with due regard for the rights, traditions and feelings of others in the vicinity; refrain from using words or behaviour which could reasonably be perceived as being intentionally sectarian, provocative, threatening, abusive, insulting or lewd; obey the lawful directions of parade organisers and stewards at all times, from assembly to dispersal; abide by the conditions of the Code of Conduct; and comply with police directions and in accordance with legislation.

    J. The Commission also reiterates to the organiser the importance of respectful behaviour in the vicinity of interface areas, namely that there should be no singing, chanting, or loud drumming and that marching should be dignified. More generally, no paramilitary-style clothing is to be worn at any time during the parade and flags, bannerettes and symbols relating to a proscribed organisation should in no circumstances be displayed.

    K. The parade organiser shall ensure that all stewards, participants and supporters obey any direction given by the police in relation to this parade.

    L. The parade organiser shall ensure that these conditions are drawn to the attention of all participants.

    Signed: …………………………………………
    (On behalf of the Commission)

    Date: …………………………………………

  • Harry Flashman

    *Chou (pronounced “joe”) Enlai, asked on a visit to France what impact he thought the French Revolution had had on world history said “It’s too soon to say” (as Pete pointed out).*

    The Daily Telegraph once pointed out that this quote is regularly trotted as an example of the magnificent intellectualism and perspicuity of the Chinese, yet Edmund Burke in his “Reflections on the Revolution in France” written a mere six months after the beginning of the French Revolution not only neatly encapsulated the entire thing but also accurately predicted the outcome.

    No one however cites Burke to illuminate the marvellous inscrutable genius of Anglo-Irish Tories.

  • joeCanuck

    Thanks, cut the bull.
    When I searched the site under “Pride of the Raven”, it found nothing.
    Pretty useless site, eh?.

  • cut the bull

    Your right thats a real crap site

  • joeCanuck

    Any chance of a link, Harry? I’d love to read that.
    Tell me to google it if you don’t have it at hand.

  • Wilde Rover

    Overcome by morbid curiosity, I “back linked” to see how far back I could go and I managed to get as far as August 2005.

    It’s as if its one giant post transcending cyberspace and time.

    Perhaps it will catch on, and others on the Internet will “baker” their posts.