Police officer shot in Dungannon

The Real IRA have claimed responsibility for the attempted murder of the police officer in Londonderry last week. And UTV are now reporting that another police officer has been shot in Dungannon, County Tyrone. I’ll add more when it’s available. Some more detail here And according the BBC report, he was off-duty at the time of the attack. More here. Although I’m not convinced cancelling the DPP Dungannon Council meeting which was due to be held tonight in Dungannon Town Hall, and where SF were due to nominate their members to the local District Policing Partnership, is an appropriate response. Update the officer is now reported to be in a stable condition. Update 2 A man and woman are being questioned about the shooting.

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  • Richard Walsh


    Republican Sinn Féin deplores the arrests in County Tyrone this morning (13th November) of a recently released Republican Prisoner of War and his sister.

    Damage was caused to the homes raided, as was the case with recent raids in the Craigavon area of County Armagh. At approximately 1:30a.m. the British Colonial Police gained entry to the former Republican prisoner’s home with a chainsaw. An hour and a half later they kicked the door of his sister’s house in. Their father went downstairs to investigate, believing that there had been a break-in. He was instantly surrounded by RUC officers and an infra-red light – presumably the sight of a weapon – was trained on his body.

    The two siblings are currently being interrogated at Antrim Barracks. Our thoughts are with them and their family during this trying time. It is clear that British forces – not content with having stolen several years of the arrested man’s life – continue to harass him and his family in a most vindictive fashion.

    Such actions by enemy forces will only increase the resolve of true Republicans to expel the British from our country. Despite the hype of the Provisionals, Free Staters and others, they are in Ireland not as peacekeepers and peacemakers but instead as an occupying power. Their continued presence remains the greatest crime perpetrated against the Irish people.

  • Turgon

    Richard Walsh,
    This is a great post. I feared cheerleaders had become more subtle and careful. You, however, show that proper old fashioned open support for current criminals has not gone away.

    There are so many things to savour here.

    Firstly: the British Colonial Police. Are these men drssed in karki shorts with white pith helmets or possibly karki caps? I trust their leaders had handle bar moustaches.

    Then we have opening the door with a chainsaw. If this did happen it could not be because they feared those inside might have firearms?

    Then they arrested a former Republican prisoner. Well I guess if you are investigating an attempted murder of a police officer, starting with known criminals; who had been involved in that sort of thing might not be a bad idea.

    Then British forces stole several years of this man’s life. I do not suppose that might be because he had committed crimes could it. Or was he completely innocent?

    “increase the resolve of true Republicans to expel the British from our country” Does that translate to throw out the Prods / unionists or force them to accept a united ireland?

    Finally (and this is my favourite bit)
    “He was instantly surrounded by RUC officers and an infra-red light – presumably the sight of a weapon – was trained on his body.”
    Now infrared lights are invisible; Infrared is too long a wavelength to be visible. As such what you actually meant was that they shone a light at him. But that sounds so much less good than the infra-red stuff. still good to see you like calling them the RUC, so do I. They have not gone away either you know.

  • Richard Walsh


    In a statement on November 14th, RSF Publicity Officer Richard Walsh welcomed the release on Wednesday night of a former Republican prisoner and his sister. The two were being held at Antrim Barracks following their arrests in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

    He said: “We believe that these arrests were merely the latest in a catalogue of harassment of those seeking an end to English rule in Ireland. However, we will not allow ourselves to be diverted from the path of true Republicanism.

    “We hope that the former PoW will now be able to rebuild his life on the outside. Clearly the British have sought to deny him this opportunity through his arrest just a few short weeks after his release. The Provos have been quick to criticise attacks on the British Colonial Police, but were remarkably silent on the plight of these two individuals. It is abundantly clear where their loyalties now lie.”

  • Frank Sinistra

    As a by-the-by I bumped into the shinner chief press officer yesterday. He chatted with me, mustn’t know I no longer subscribe to his publication as he doesn’t normally talk to people who take a different paper. He was trying to push a up-the-high-do/dough over these shootings line.

    I asked why on earth he felt like that, this surely couldn’t be pinned on SF or fellow travellers. He strongly ran a line that he/they felt the shinners were next on the hit-list and there could be some fiendish agenda at work.

    I did laugh. Support the PSNI or you want to kill shinners is the implication and that’s what those securocrats want.

    I laughed. Yes Ned, I laughed. Absolute nonsense. Some of us won’t support the PSNI regardless of how terribly intimidated SF feel by ‘micro-groups’.

  • Token Dissent

    Superb stuff Dick Walsh. Are you available for 70s theme parties? People would get a good laugh out of witnessing you give one of your speeches over a soundtrack of say The Bee Gees, Abba, or Credence Clearwater Revival.

    Flares and moustache optional – maybe you would prefer the good ole irredentist uniform of tweed, wooly jumpers, pipe and beard.