Ceremonies marred by hoax.. and an explosive device..

Whilst a hoax security alert failed to delay the Remembrance Sunday ceremony in Enniskillen, on the 20th anniversary of the Provisional IRA attack there, what seems to have been a small and crude explosive device did detonate in a ceremonial cannon at the service in Newry.


  • kisdo

    Each to their own. Im glad i dont get to see hypocritical poppies blasted in my face in the morning. The war is over let us forget!

  • G

    disgusting, nothing but scum that attempt this type of behaviour even if it is scaremongering.

    Cue the normal republican bs about a few dissidents etc.

    It will never end with tossers like this about.

  • kisdo

    G it wasnt dissidents. more than likely it was British MI5 agents trying to stir the shit as they do.

  • G

    yeah, Kisdo of course it was, how silly of me to miss that! You are a twat, lose the green tinted glasses and realise what squalid disgusting bollocks this is.

    I mentioned dissidents as this will be one of the most probable excuses that will be offered for such agitation.

  • PeaceandJustice

    There are some very sick Republicans out there. The problem is that Sinn Fein IRA created these monsters in the first place.

  • Outsider

    G it wasnt dissidents. more than likely it was British MI5 agents trying to stir the shit as they do.


    I made a similar claim that Nationalists/Republicans would have made these foolish claims if the security forces had found the original bomb in 1987, I’m glad my views have been vindicated.

    The Republican mindset has not moved one inch.

  • Outsider

    Its also really pathetic that the link to the report on the BBC website could not even state the correct number of people murdered by the ira in Enniskillen.

  • Skintown Lad

    outsider, it says 11. is that not correct ?

  • Why don’t you all just stop engaging in your usual finger-pointing? None of you know diddly about who really did it. And besides it fortunately turned out to be a crude hoax.

    So, let’s all move on to more productive discussions.

  • Outsider

    outsider, it says 11. is that not correct ?


    12 people were murdered not 11.

  • Finbarr

    Yeah, 12 men died at Enniskillen. Ronnie Hill never came out of a coma and died about 7 years ago.

    As for the Enniskillen bomb in 1987, on the same day the PIRA attempted to detonate a bomb at Tullyhommon near the border with Pettigo, 20 miles from Enniskillen. It would have blown up a boys brigade remembrance parade had it gone off.

    It put to bed the Republican propaganda machine, which claimed that British Army radio signals had detonated the cenotaph bomb at Enniskillen, and that this was why civilians were killed.

    Had the bomb at Pettigo worked as intended by the PIRA, it would have killed a generation of Protestant boys in that border area.

  • bertie


    Lest we forget indeed!!