On ignoring the Legislative Assembly..

I mentioned previously the u-turn by the Agriculture Minister, Sinn Féin’s Michelle Gildernew, [and the Sinn Féin party – Ed] on abolishing the Agricultural Wages Board.. after hearing the other side of the argument – nothing wrong in changing your mind, btw, but it’s worth realising that means that she had made up her mind previously, or rather her party had decided its policy, after hearing “only one side of the argument.” Anyway, with the Assembly vote recorded and having resolved – “That this Assembly calls on the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to bring forward the required legislation to abolish the Agricultural Wages Board.” – why is the Sinn Féin Agriculture spokesman, Gerry McHugh, now calling on the Agriculture Minister to ignore the democratic wishes of the Assembly? Assuming they all realise that, actually, they’re supposed to be Members of a Legislative Assembly..