“not a working coalition that delivers for all in Northern Ireland but a carve-up..”

Somewhat connected to my admittedly anoraky previous post, there’s trouble at t’mill. Well, at the NI Executive then [Again?!? – Ed]. It seems the Environment Minister, the DUP’s Arlene Foster, has taken exception to comments by the UUP leader, and Employment and Learning Minister, Sir Reg Empey. In particular, his description of the ‘push-me-pull-you’ nature of the Sinn Féin/DUP axis on which the stability of the Executive apparently depends – for now at least.

“At its root this is profoundly undemocratic and offers not a working coalition that delivers for all in Northern Ireland but a carve-up based on an incompatible Ulster nationalist agenda as put forward by the DUP and an Irish republican agenda being pursued by Sinn Fein”

“Clueless”, according to the otherwise untroubled Environment Minister.. [Time for some more advice for the tired old warmongers? – Ed.. No, I don’t think so.. Adds After all, it was “put together by SF and the DUP”]

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  • parci

    peteb I’m confused; who are the bad guys here?
    In mafioso terms “who needs to get whacked”?
    Is there a simple answer?

  • Pete Baker

    Your confusion is no surprise, parci.

    But if you’re looking for black and white – look elsewhere.

    The Processâ„¢ seems to have turned everything grey.

    Until we get back to the basis of a civilised society.

    And, of course, stop pandering to those with vested interests.

  • parci

    oh dear peteb not those poisonous foundations again. lol.
    The majority voted for what we have, and it took 10 years to get it up and running.
    That cannot be so easily dismissed.

    Its ticking along ok, relatively.
    we can’t expect a silk purse from a pigs ear

  • Pete Baker

    “Its ticking along ok, relatively.
    we can’t expect a silk purse from a pigs ear”

    Thank you for the view from Brighton, parci.

    Here on the ground, however, there are other considerations – as outlined in the original post that you found confusing..

  • parci

    how dya know I haven’t moved?
    But thanks for pointing out my confusion X2

    all these probs are as a result of partition..
    end that, and the poisonous foundations are gone.
    Ne c’est pas?
    well its certainly one answer to the quote highlighted in your post. ( the non-anorak one )

  • Outsider

    What the Executive has proved is the DUP’s overall team of MLA’s is not as talented as was thought.

    Certain MLAs such as Simon Hamilton have been particularly poor as has minister Foster, I listed to a farcial exchange in the executive between these two and it really showed that true accountability and opposition was lacking.

  • quiz master

    the following may be a bit off topic but i believe that it needs to be pointed out – ulster nationalism- i mean come on. do the dup want to remain part of the UK- – isnt unionism all about being part of the united kingdom and not the promotion of a single nation state. NORTHERN IRELAND IS NOT PART OF THE ISLAND OF BRITAIN I MUST ADD NOR IS IT PART OF THE BRITISH ISLES. anyway ulster is a 9 county majority nationalist province not the 6 county marginal majority unionist carve up that was created by partition. Why is it that some unionists continually attempt to propagate this pseudoulster nationality notion

  • parci

    quiz as sir reg says, if its so unworkable, then a united ireland offers the best solution.

    Its kinda staring everyone in the face. Question is will they admit it? or remain Flat-Earthers ?

  • Pete Baker

    Back to the topic..

    No parci, ending partition, as you so simplisticly put it, would no longer end all those problems.

  • harry

    your quite right Parci, partition is the root of the problems in this country.

    isn’t it a pity there is no party in the assembly looking to end it

  • parci

    harry, peteb’s right too, there are outstanding matters; and legacy issues.
    love your irony though.

  • harry

    legacy issue ?? care to expand on this?

  • Outsider

    I would be in favour of roping Donegal into NI to make it a 7 county province, its to detached from the ROI and would be more at home within NI.

  • parci

    loose ends maybe harry, sorry that’s as bad an answer as legacy issues.
    I like things tied up with a bow, like a present.

    peteb will remind us no doubt

  • harry

    yeah but would you really want daniel o donnell coming from NI??

  • Good point Harry, but it’s a sacrifice worth making – Donegal’s a lovely part of the world.

  • dewi

    Donegal – LOL – you would have to have an ILA then.

  • Sir Herbert Mercer

    Simon Hamilton is a complete party yes man. Makes my stomach turn

  • Nevin

    “After decrying us for wanting to create a collective approach” … Foster, UTV

    Is Foster’s idea of a collective approach that of doing a ‘deal’ with a DUP colleague, a deal which would benefit a developer who just happens to be a party member but, more significantly, is an old friend of their party leader?

    Foster and Dodds had a duty to take this matter to the Executive, not just to the Office of the FMDFM – Section 2.4(i) of the Ministerial Code. Perhaps Empey or one of his acolytes on Slugger could tell us if the Code has been breached.

    We’ve had a stirring performance from Ritchie, which rattled the Dourman’s cage, but why the silence of Durkan, Hanna and McGlone, the respective chairs of DETI, Standards and Privileges and the DoE?

    Does the DUP have its own S&P committee? Perhaps one of the DUPed can explain why Cllr McAllister is still holding public office, why the party uses premises in Bushmills which appear to be exempt from rates and if the Paisleys (and McAllister) have had to explain the extent of their lobbying for Sweeney, lobbying that included an ‘inaccurate’ planning application adjacent to Carrickarede rope bridge.

    Perhaps there’s nothing that can be done by the party if the rot starts at the top. Maybe (ongoing) exposure will depend on the exertions of investigative journalists rather than those of ‘lazy politicians’.

  • Nevin

    “we can’t expect a silk purse from a pigs ear”

    There might be a few floating around the planning process, Parci. The Grapevine tells me that a £5000 ‘fee’ can ‘facilitate’ a successful planning application for a bijou pied-à-terre in a ‘protected’ area.

  • Nevin

    harry: “would you really want daniel o donnell coming from NI??”

    Cue Jeffrey Donaldson

  • Certain MLAs such as Simon Hamilton have been particularly poor

    To be fair, not as bad as his neighbour, the spectacularly dimwitted and bigoted Michelle McIlveen. I mean, the answer to sectarianism? Make all the fenians go to controlled schools, says Michelle. You couldn’t make this shit up.

    Buried in Reg’s comment is the old Ulster nationalist line – it’s interesting because their has always been a tension within Unionism, indeed within his own party, between the Ulster nationalists and those who really are “simply British”.

    Paisley is pushing an Ulster nationalist agenda, and within the current context that might be cleverer than being simply British. Paisley is already preparing the way for what Unionism might do if (and it is only an if) Scotland left the UK. Traditional unionism doesn’t have a clue; what does being simply British mean if there is no longer a United Kingdom? Paisley is actually playing the smarter game here, regardless of what I think of the carve up.