“Very good Martin. Now please get on and produce some results”

Martin McGuinness’ statement in the Irish Times (subs needed) this morning is remarkable in one respect only: the fact he doesn’t say anything. Most of it comprises a complaint about people not speaking to him:

“I think I have a far better working relationship with Ian Paisley than Mark Durkan or Séamus Mallon ever had with David Trimble. I think that grates on them, it hurts them that the DUP and Sinn Féin have managed not just to get this government up but run it properly in a fashion that can deliver for the people.”

The latest PA report carries Alasdair McDonnell response:

“Many people would have been much more interested in hearing about his priorities for government, or his view of the challenges facing the people of the North, and how he intends to address them.

“The appointment of a Victims Commissioner, or a strategy for a shared future perhaps but no, instead we get party political posturing and pointless anecdotes.

“Martin McGuinness has spent the last six months telling anyone who will listen how well he is getting on with Ian Paisley.

“Very good, Martin. We get the message. Maybe you should have tried it years ago.

“Now get on with producing some results.”