Who stands where?

This statement from the DUP struck me as being very odd. Power sharing was a failure before 2003, but is now a rousing success under the DUP, and it is “sour grapes” for the UUP to even think about forming an opposition. At the end of the statement, Trevor Clarke says that the current power sharing arrangement is “delivering for the community in Northern Ireland”.

Does this indicate that the DUP now expressly support mandatory coalition? (UPDATE – I missed that Peter Weir reckons that the UUP considering opposition “throws into doubt their commitment to making devolution work for the benefit of the people of Northern Ireland”)

Pete has already noted that the DUP and Sinn Fein jumped effortlessly to the same hymn sheet in the early part of this week over the question of an official opposition. The debate at this stage seems to be gathering pace, and the response of the Chuckle Coalition to the debate…….well it’s interesting. What has been equally interesting, is the development of a distinct impression of two competing coalitions within the Executive, a development that, if it continues, will raise interesting questions in the days ahead, but has real potential to develop into a positive solution to the d’Hondt problem.