Benedict opening arms to disgruntled Anglicans…

An interesting adjunct to that story of three Irish churches seeking, as Malcolm as put it, “sui juris” communion with the Holy See. Damian (the ‘blood crazed ferret’) Thompson over at the Telegraph reckons that Pope Benedict partially had disgruntled Anglicans in mind when he brought in the recent liturgical changes into the Catholic Church:

Benedict XVI is more sympathetic than John Paul II to Catholic-minded Anglicans. He has been talking to them unofficially for years. He understands – and shares – their reservations about liberal RC bishops and bad liturgy. I’m convinced that the Pope’s liturgical reforms are aimed partly at bringing anxious Anglicans into the fold. With the Motu Proprio in place, the ability of Bishops’ Conferences to make life difficult for conservative converts is greatly reduced.

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