“than that stones would fall from heaven.”

A fascinating collection of lots up for bids for the first time ever at Bonhams auction house in NY tomorrow. Catalogue online here. The Guardian suggests some possible bidders, since the prices are likely to be beyond my means.. From slices of spectacular meteorites to 1400 pound complete specimens, and assorted material – they have the mailbox, but not the dead cow. Among the lots there are some significant examples – a slice of the oldest preserved meteorite in Europe.. one of the most important meteorites in history.. and another which might have convinced a sceptical Thomas Jefferson.. some are simply stunning, and some are truly wondrous examples.

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  • Pete Baker


    “I’m from the school of thought that agrees..”

    “agrees” with itself?

    I don’t, necessarily, disagree btw.

    Although how they could be owned automatically by the state would be a matter of some debate.

    However, all the lots appear to have been both exhibited and studied extensively – and in many cases are not the sole examples.

  • parci

    peteb, are you stoned? 🙂

  • Frank Sinistra


    When will I be able to get a ‘pedant check’ add-on? ;0)

    To me, they should be freely distributed for scientific study by others instead of going on sale. Or retained for that purpose instead of becoming a commodity.

    The ‘state’ ownership, national would be my view, comes through a Socialist view on natural resources.

  • Pete Baker


    “To me, they should be freely distributed for scientific study by others instead of going on sale.”

    As they would appear to have been – and no restriction is placed on them by nature of the sale. The argument would also assume a state ownership to begin with.

    There will always be a competing private ownership claim on found objects – as with treasure troves.

    Additionally the ‘pedant check’ is freely available as an optional add-on. ;op

  • Frank Sinistra

    I’m from the school of thought that agrees meteorites should be treated as National treasures and remain in public ownership for scientific study and public display.

    That socialism thing, again.

  • Frank Sinistra

    His audience awaits,

    A willing open bride.

    Virginal, pretence with each delivery.

    Misjudged length and misplaced laughs abide,

    But he needs to look at rhythm

    And the absence of a ride.

  • Frank Sinistra

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