McCrea: UUP must consider going into opposition…

PA is reporting that Basil McCrea is to raise the possibility of the UUP going into Opposition at this weekend’s UUC Meeting and Party Conference. By coincidence, they also have Minister Ritchie speaking tomorrow afternoon on a number of regulatory issues. No doubt the questions and answers will be worth being a fly on the wall for. Just considering the issue might concentrate the generally defensive mindset within the party, and perhaps lead them to confront some issues about where they stand viz a viz their DUP. That is: to the ‘left’ or the ‘right’? More detail as they come in.An early report carries this quoatation from Mr McCrea:

“Yesterday’s budget debate in the Assembly was a sham. The simple fact is when you ask a question in the House of the two largest government parties you simply don’t get an answer. It also cannot be right, as was the case yesterday, that the majority of questions come from the two largest parties in government. The budget and programme for government have set many targets which are at the highest level of optimism and a significant number of them are falling to our ministers – yet the resources are not there to deliver them. Having responsibility without resources is the road to disaster. These are all issues which our party and Sir Reg need to debate this now.”

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