Quote of the week…

“LOADS of women around Divis wear pyjamas going about their daily business, it’s part of our culture.”

  • This is clearly a rights based issue up there with the Irish Language.

  • joeCanuck

    It might be more appropriate for the folks on the hill to wear pyjamas there, given that many of them seem to be sleepwalking their way to political disaster.

  • Wee slabber

    Is it called “the come to bed” look?

  • Harry

    That article talks about ‘staff’ and ‘managers’ of an apartment complex. What kind of a set-up is this place? Is it a place where people are just passing through, subject to some sort of management oversight? Or is it a place where people live? In this latter case, who the hell are the ‘management’ – some sort of private operation the likes of which have proliferated around Dublin over the last decade? Is it not astonishing that they are ordering people what to wear around the environs of their own homes?

  • The Lighthouse Keeper

    It’s a skanger fashion currently popular in inner city Dublin as well and probably many other places of similar ilk.

  • Nevin

    It’s laziness. Which is itself, no doubt, a human right also.

  • Nevin
  • wild turkey

    ‘This is clearly a rights based issue ‘

    Checkov. Indeed it is.

    It is generally known that a statistically significantly larger proportion of women than men go around in public in their jammies (men would be subject to arrest?)

    Therefore this blatant indirect sex discrimination.
    Over to the Equality Commission to protect the civil and fashion rights of these vulnerable oppressed women.

  • forecast

    Norris Green ASDA in Liverpool – where pikeys come to wear their pyjamas and fake UGG boots.

    It is amazing, I kid you not…………..

  • esmereldavillalobos

    It makes you proud to be Irish/British/whatever. Nurse, the screens! Quickly!

  • dublin exile

    Please let them contiue to wear their PJs – its easier for the rest of us to spot them, and not as nauseating as the ‘bellytops’.

  • Angel

    It’s everywhere. Here in the US it started with nurses scrubs then migrated to PJ’s. It has now evolved into wearing other types of night cloths over (sometimes) other PJ’s. It looks like a mix between 80’s Madonna fashion and Grunge. Unfortunately it’s more than belly and ass crack showing now. Somethings should not be shared.

  • mark fartlighter

    They are sometimes called ‘Divis tracksuits’, does anyone else know similar names for such a practice?

    Dog shit is sometimes known ‘beechmount landmines’.

    But seriously, I have been reliably informed that the fact that people go about, in a manner that most people would regard as not fully clothed can be relevent in applying for various ‘funding’ – i.e. as a sign of depravation.

  • Reader

    “it’s part of our culture”
    Culture dammit? PJs or Bowler hats? No thanks, sign me up for the golf lessons.

  • What culture, since when have chav’s and spide’s had a culture. Feck half of them wasters think Culture is that new club they can’t get into.

  • snakebrain


    Funny thing is, an awful lot of the best “cultural” activity comes out of poor deprived areas. Think of the US hip-hop culture that started out in South Central LA. Or the French spin-off of that culture that grew up in the Paris projects. Or the Beatles, for that matter.

    Ever heard a bunch of West Belfast “wasters” on the decks? I doubt it.

  • Aquifer

    It’s not pyjama’s any more, its loungewear. Perfect for when heating is included in the rent.

  • pith

    Whatever happened to Johnnie Fingers?

  • Greenflag

    And these are the same people who say that Orangemen look ridiculous wearing bowler hats , sashes and carrying a brolly in the summer sunshine ?

    No not double standards just no standards 🙁

    The wurrld is in a state of chassis !

  • Mark Fartlighter


    “What culture, since when have chav’s and spide’s had a culture”

    We overuse the word culture here, we give it a political and aspirational quality. But in truth, culture is just what you do.

    I would suggest that that the spide has a culture like any of the rest of us.

    It is of course radically different but in an biological / antropological perspective it is highly successful in that they successfully (in the sense of reaching adulthood) bring large numbers of young into the world – more than the middle classes at least.

    Also form a political point of view, surely the spides culture links him into a supra-national spide nation, linking him culturaly with the chav, skanger, ned etc and further on to continental Europe. It is a successful culture in that sense.

    In addition, socially, who in the middle classes / actually working class aren’t intimidated by the spide? – they do successful project their influence in this manner.

  • Cadiz

    I think men can wear just about anything in Belfast. PJ shorts and nothing else for eg.

    They can also dress in mini-skirts etc. It is almost like New Orleans.

    At the public meetings at Belfast City Hall, the PSNI also seemed vague about sex in public.

    That is (to say) openly doing it in cars in the city centre etc.

    I asked the top-cop who was sitting next to Jutice Minister’s Hanson’s representative.

    I wasn’t thinking of doing it myself, I was just checking ‘for academic purposes’.


  • You have a problem with cross dressers Cadiz? Or is that Levictus?

  • Ian

    “Also form a political point of view, surely the spides culture links him into a supra-national spide nation, linking him culturaly with the chav, skanger, ned etc and further on to continental Europe. It is a successful culture in that sense.”

    Would that be a ‘Scalliphate’?!?

  • greenflag
    “Summer sunshine”
    Is there a bit of global warming going on?