World Cup runners-up do battle

France will looking for revenge against Argentina tonight, Parc des Princes, Paris, 8.00pm kick-off, in a rematch of the opening game of a tournament of surprises. There might be online coverage here. There certainly will be here.. and possibly here. It’s just for pride, and third place in the tournament, and the reports suggest it might actually be worth watching – “everyone wants to finish in style and not like a wet fish.” 1st Half Great start. Plenty of enterprise on show. Pumas, “held together by record amounts of tape”, vulnerable to ill-discipline. Interesting statistic, Pumas have won 3 4 of the last 5 games against Les Bleus. 28mins in. TRY!! For the Pumas! 32mins in. And again!! Video ref required. Oldest try-scorer in World Cup. Half-time France 3 – 17 Argentina. Tetchy end to the first half as France lay siege to the Pumas try-line but Argentina hold them out. With a sin-binning for 1 player on each side. France are definitely rattled. And not surprisingly. This was not in the script for what will be the last national game for many of this team. 2nd Half 53mins in. Back to full strength. And a brilliant try for the Pumas. 60mins in Chabal enters the fray. And is hit late by Argentine no. 19. Sin-bin. Pumas down to 14 men. 65mins in. But it doesn’t matter. Turnover in sight of the Pumas line and Corleto wins the sprint easily to score another try. 69mins in France get what must surely be only a consolation try. 77mins in. Back to full strength again. And again another great try for the Pumas. Full-time With determination, commitment, and no little skill, Argentina deservedly triumph over the hosts again. France 10 – 34 Argentina


  • Dewi

    Best try of world cup

  • Pete Baker

    Wouldn’t disagree with that, Dewi.

    Great game too.

  • ulsterfan

    This team from Argentina is full of class.
    They destroyed the French and looking back Ireland never stood a chance against them.

  • ahg

    Ah come on now lads, decent try, but I remember the Japanese scoring a couple of absolute crackers and I think the USA scored a good one too – oh and Fiji against SA…

    But what a game – pity it wasn;t the final – a real showcase!! ALthough, I guess the pressure was off to some extent. Real shame Argentina didn;t play like that against S Africa – kind of let themselves down.

    Their forwards are actually animals – never seen a pack like it – truely tremendous at the breakdown. Thought Conteponi had a mare last week but was a legend 2nite.
    For me, Argentina have been the stars of this RWC. From day 1 they have set their stall out and played with a tremendous amount of guts and determination. Surely they deserve to join either of the tri or 6 nation competitions!!!

    Now for the main event tomorrow night – get those England scarves out lads, should be a good close game!! Hard one to call, if S Africa can hold their nerve and play at even 80% capacity they should win, but if England can play at the top of their game and keep the scoreboard ticking over, they may just about sneek it.

  • Dewi

    Astonishing performance – France not bothered I know but this changes things for ever – need to get Argentina in an annual competition.

  • Dewi

    ahg – if England win I’m emigrating…..really can’t cope with their triumphalist press…bought a book about the Boer War just to get into the mood………..

  • Michael Robinson

    Great game… well played Argentina. Just enough viciousness and spite to make things interesting without things going too far!!

  • GavBelfast

    Well done Argentina – how can the IRB possibly keep this team out of the Six Nations or Tri Nations from the very near future?

  • Outsider

    ahg – if England win I’m emigrating…..really can’t cope with their triumphalist press…bought a book about the Boer War just to get into the mood..


    Im inclined to agree however with regards to the rugby they have been more subdued and modest as of late which is very refreshing.

  • George

    when it comes to rugby you have to think hemispherically.

  • patrique

    Argentina only lost one game in the tournament. And they did play like that last week, they have the best scrummage in the game, but the Boks are a lot better than France. Argentina must be a confortable number 3 in the world, after New Zealand and South Africa.

    South Africa to win a close game tomorrow, something like 44-3.

    They are 10/11 seven points down, 7/4 for England not to score a try (a banker), 9/1 for Montgomery to be man of the match, and 9/4 for less than 38 points. All good bets, or how about 100/1 for a repeat 36-0?

  • ahg

    ‘Argentina only lost one game in the tournament. And they did play like that last week,’

    I think that sums up your rugby knowledge patrique. Did you watch the games? How you can compare the 2 argentine perfrormances is beyond me… Argentina made countless unforced errors against SA, don;t remember 1 against france. They also played a significantly more expansive game last night – against SA they just kicked the ball back to Monty and tryed to play percentage rugby. I’ll give you 1000-1 odds argentina don;t win by 36 points lol.

    The English media have been pretty restrained – most of their rugby foke realise that they shouldn;t be there, but at the same time know they have an amazing oppertunity to create 1 of the biggest upsets in world sport. What did annoy me was Greenwoods constant nattering on in the SA-Pumas semi-final about england this and england that. Took away from the game I thought.

    This will be a totally different game to the group stage. For one thing, england had no fly half for the previous game – which is similar to playing a football match with no recognised goalkeeper. In addition, the pressure of the situation will restrict SA to much tighter game than they would normally play. As long as England stay in touch, SA will be too scared of making mistakes to play expansively. In my opinion Butch and Stein will make it or break it for SA – can they keep their composure on the big occasion, or can the english backrow put them under pressure? Pressure is the key word – the winner will be the side who can handle it the best!

    Seems to be a lot of ‘gloating’ Irish and Welsh fans expecting a SA victory – is this because our teams didn;t turn up to the RWC? Get the chips off the shoulders lads and support your next door neighbours lol

  • ahg

    I’ll give you 1000-1 odds argentina don;t win by 36 points lol. and I’ll also give u 1000-1 SA don;t win by 1000-1… lol

  • Greenflag

    The mother of all decisions? With ties to both countries Greenflag is on the horns of a dilemma . On the one hand I’d like to see the Boks win it on the other the English have done a great job coming back from that 0-37 hiding .

    Dilemma over I’m rooting for the English underdog to sneak a win 🙂

  • GavBelfast

    An England team minus Woodward and Johnson is so much harder to dislike. Ashton comes across as a thoroughly modest, decent man of quiet endavour.

    I hope it’s a good game and have no hesitation in supporting England, as neighbiurs and, importantly, underdogs, as they would do us in reverse.

  • parci

    England to win

  • Dewi

    “when it comes to rugby you have to think hemispherically.”

    Do I ? Why ?

  • George

    Because, for a start, if the teams from the Northern Hemisphere are constantly getting hammered, any victory between us is a devalued currency.

    Secondly, any arrogance from the English rugby-playing fraternity about winning the World Cup is completely overshadowed by the arrogance shown by those in the Southern Hemisphere when it comes to attitudes towards teams from the Northern Hemisphere.

  • dewi

    I,M afraid 750 years of oppression a bigger factor than the antipodean arrogance…. Sticking to thr rugby (sorry) the loss of Lewsey could be critical.

  • ahg

    agree with Lewsy point – thought he was very solid in the last couple of games. I would imagine SA may target Ceuto with box kicks and the like – expect Berger to be eying him up early on!
    Big weekend for the Formula 1 as well – we getting a thread for that one? I assume because Hamilton is part of the 750 years of oppression you’ll be willing on Alonzo Dewi?

    I always find it a bit ironic the way the Irish love to see England lose. If the boot was on the other foot, every man and his dog in England would be supporting Ireland against the Boks. I was in France a few weeks ago in a Bar filled with English fans watching an Ireland match and the English lads were cheering us on louder than anyone!!

  • dewi

    Lewis H ok – he’s black and therefore part of the oppressed. It all makes total sense honestly. You just should not have conquered half the world! Lol

  • unrepentant chip carrier

    Here’s hoping the English get slaughtered.

  • ahg

    ‘Lewis H ok – he’s black and therefore part of the oppressed.’

    But surely england must be one of the most multi-cultual societies in the world? Why do all the oppressed flock to it?

  • dewi

    Because the empire bled their native lands dry and needed cheap labour.(O and then complain about their presence)