Sinn Fein does a flip, flop, flip?

There are of course some delicate issues around protocol and procedures that must await either some kind of resolution in-house, or fuller disclosure. But one question that the legal advice (delivered to the First Minister and Deputy First Minister on Tuesday morning) raises is where does Sinn Fein stand politically on all of this? Martin McGuinness last night noted that, “…there was no vote whatsoever on her statement in the assembly. There was no vote whatsoever on the Conflict Transformation Initiative. In fact, there was trenchant criticism by all ministers but the decision was taken by Peter Hain in the first place to fund the UDA.” Now contrast that with this question to the Minister from Caral Ní Chuilín, well into the afternoon of the morning her party colleague Mr McGuinness had been fully appraised of both sets of legal advice Ms Ritchie had received:

“Does she agree that, as someone who is in the public eye, she, as Minister for Social Development, and her Department funded the UDA?”