“Or we all sink together…”

Those are the words of Ian Paisley Junior this morning on Good Morning Ulster, when he asserted that there needed to be some collegiality about decisions arising from the Executive. When challenged by Seamus McKee about his party’s attitude to the Irish Language Act, he made precisely the point that our tabloid blogger Belfast Gonzo makes in his post here. Edwin Poots will not make a decision on the Irish Language Act: it will be taken by the Executive. That’s a very clear assertion of the governmental norm when it comes to controversial issues. But that norm that was clearly departed from, when the Executive allowed Ms Ritchie to issue her 60 day ultimatum. Some members of the Government agreed that that subsidiarity was actively relinquished by Ms Ritchie. But that is something that Ritchie, and at least two (and possibly three) of her Executive colleagues, vehemently deny ever happened. The boat it would seem is leaking badly.