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In contrast to the initial in-studio reaction, and the subsequent questions in the Assembly.. Ahead of today’s meeting of that fractious Executive, Dan Keenan in the Irish Times [subs req] reports the latest briefing from Sinn Féin and from the UUP, on the Social Development minister’s decision, and UTV reports it too.

Ulster Unionist Ministers will not support a DUP motion of censure against Ms Ritchie, a party spokesman said yesterday. He added that they supported Ms Ritchie’s stand and that there was a feeling the DUP had “overplayed” its opposition to her.

Support for censure from republicans is also unlikely. A Sinn Féin spokesman told The Irish Times last night: “Sinn Féin supports her decision.”

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    Glad to see that at least some people within the UUP still have some fight in them.

  • Dawkins

    Excellent news. Glad to see that both Sinn Féin and the UUP have come out on the side of decency.

    When is the DUP/UDA going to back down one wonders.

  • interested

    4.00 Radio Ulster news just reporting that Margaret Ritchie got the Executive meeting suspended because she challenged the minutes – apparently she didn’t like the fact that they said she had agreed to consult with Executive colleagues before making any announcement.

    This issue has never been about who is for or against the UDA (apart from the few hard of thinking who immediately leap to the easiest conclusion for them to understand). Surely the SDLP were always the party who whinged about collective responsibility and the need for the Executive to work. Seems like they aren’t prepared to abide by their own rules.

    Robinson seems to have moved ahead on points again….

  • joeCanuck

    I’d like to have some of whatever you’re taking, Interested.

  • interested @ 04:04 PM

    Robinson seems to have moved ahead on points again….

    Funnily enough, that’s one of the questions lurking around the edges of my consciousness. Is Robinson in this for brownie points and prizes? If so, why? And why now?

    He certainly seems to have aroused himself from the pastoral delights of Castlereagh to pronounce of Great Things over the weekend.

    Now this.

    May I recommend close textual analysis of his latest press release, conveniently on line at ?

    It is notable for the boilerplate bluster of:
    I regret that Margaret, in her desperation, has resorted to such an accusation;
    for the more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger threat of:
    She should know that in time all these matters tend to be exposed to public examination and misrepresenting the position now will have consequences for her later;
    for the “I know more than you” Olympian grandeur of:
    The Executive agreed, without any division, at its meeting last week how a decision on this matter should be taken. It was agreed that certain actions were required before she would even decide the matter, never mind make an announcement on it
    [That last one is obviously the root of today’s revelation that the Minutes of the previous meeting are being questioned.]
    for the recycling of his claims about the Ministerial Code (which the speaker seemed able to overlook)
    for the insinuations about extra-mural advice:
    One is entitled to wonder why the Minister would have sought a second opinion if the Official legal advice was supporting her position
    [Note how the mask slips from the avuncular “Margaret” to the officious “Minister”.]
    for the melodramatic:
    Decisions which are not taken lawfully fall and only damage the political and democratic process.
    The Minister has acted recklessly and politically. As a result she has unnecessarily tainted the decision making process.

    [I particularly enjoyed the irrefutable there, that a politician was behaving “politically”, along with that carefully-chosen “tainted”.]

    So, apart from Miss Ritchie, who else has been salting Peter Rabbit’s scut?

  • nineteensixtyseven

    “The Minister has acted recklessly and politically.”

    Yes, yes HE has.