Quote of the Day…

“The only ministerial code Ritchie has broken was the one that says ministers should not take any decisions”. – Overhead at Stormont.

  • Bretagne

    Fair play to her – good decision. No if’s, buts, or maybe’s. Even if it goes to legal challenge – it is still the right decision.

    Now she needs to find a vehicle to build the social capital in the affected areas. CTI is not the vehicle – so build a new one.

    Peter has started the camapaign to be the new leader a wee bit early – maybe caught Liberal Democratitis over the break.

  • joeCanuck

    What do you mean “overheard” Mick.
    It was fairly shouted out in the Chamber.

  • Aquifer

    The SDLP has dismissed a gang of sectarian thugs, offering moral leadership to the protestant community and comfort to their potential victims. Alistair McDonnell’s seat in South Belfast looks safer by the minute. The SDLP have the authority too, irrespective of bums on seats around the executive table, because they took plenty of abuse from paramilitary thugs of every colour.

    Have the DUP and UUP no problem with assassins and extortionists?

    Protestants tend to trust elected representatives over ‘community’ representatives. Which elected representatives to trust is now a live question.