“DUP have not put the work in on Human Rights”

If you do nothing else on or through Slugger today, check out this YouTube clip from yesterday’s Inside Stormont. Newton Emerson argues that the DUP is trying to tribalise the debate around a future Human Rights bill, because it has not devoted the necessary time and resources to developing a right of centre critique for the Bill of Rights Forum. Adds: See also left wing wish list.He argues that what is required is engagement of a right of centre critique with a leftist bill. He argues there is much to challenge, not least in the contradictions thrown up between the assertions of group and individual rights. He also contrasts the spare nature of the European Convention (drawn up by a Scottish Tory) with the extension of rights discourse into social policy areas. Indeed the DUP, he claims, is simply buying into the group rights agenda by dismissing the Forum as having an anti Unionist agenda. The truth is they simply haven’t been prepared put in the work to develop it’s own counter arguments to those currently being advanced by ‘quote’ the Human Rights Industry ‘unquote’.