“with influence in the community..” – redux

While we may have to wait until Monday’s meeting of the Assembly for a statement from the Social Development minister on her decision about that funding, there has been more violence in the Castlemara estate in Carrickfergus. According to the reports up to 100 people were involved and 4 men arrested. Police are also reported to be maintaining a “high visibility presence” and, once again, they’re appealing to those with influence in the community.. [Presumably, that would be those ‘good guys’? – Ed]

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  • notasluggerfool

    Monday can’t come soon enough. She will pull the plug surely?

    Extra PSNI resources alone must add up to large £££’s. And the silence from every politician with the exception of margaret ritchie (and the odd Alliance person) just shows how weak the people we elect are. Shameful.

  • Dewi

    If she pulls plug Monday what’s the plan? Internment ?


    I don’t think Ritchie is the sort to fudge this. Those who thought she would are in for a rude awakening I hope.

    Dewi, I don’t think you need internment – just a police service and prosecution service with the balls to stand up to these people.

  • brendan,belfast

    what’s the plan? i would have thought that cops sorting out rioters sounds like a good plan. Wonder do Dodds and Maskey want the rioters to get more money?

  • realist

    This would be the UDA calling Her Bluff would it not?

    I heard the money from all the other aras was to be put into the area where Jackie McDonald lives, the good UDA scheme, will this still be the case on Monday or will she have the guts to say thats it?


    realist, i think it’s pretty simple – if she judges the UDA not to have done enough, the money is stopped. Full stop.

    Will Monday see the first tough decision by a Stormont minister?