“Less than deafening roar of protest…”

MI5 Spooks HeadquartersNewton Emerson makes an ‘appearance’ on this morning’s Today Programme (sound file here, 10 minutes in) ‘looking into’ MI5’s new headquarters at the Palace Barracks. Today when MI5 only has to monitor a few small dissident groups, a building of this size is ridiculous.” Eamon McCann: “There is a widespread, and perhaps overly cynical belief in NI that Sinn Fein’s acquiescence has to do with confidential side deals negotiated between the British government and Sinn Fein, and it seems to me it is the most coherent explanation of the Irish Republican movement actually deciding not to take a stand against a big facility of its most vehement enemy, as it has been presented throughout the years.” And on ‘attempting to counter MI5’s activities, without being entirely sure what those activities might be’, Alex Maskey: “The issue for us is about how do we neutralise and remove MI5 presence from Ireland at all, or at the very least in respect of policing, removing their polluting hand out of policing.”