A short story about Northern Irish hospitality…

One rather dissatisfied customer, after her stay on “the corner of Maimdawkins Street and Devilution Drive”. Hat tip to an anonymous Slugger reader.

  • Nevin

    Imagine being in Inishowen and thinking you’re in Co Antrim ….

  • smcgiff

    That was funny, possibly because I’d a very similar experience in a small 3* (presumably family owned) hotel in Amalfi. Although we did have the good sense to knock when we didn’t get a response from the bell. At least this Fawlyt seemed to be at least comic. Ours looked as if he’d rather be anywhere else than open the door for us.

    Next time I’d pay extra for the professionalism of a larger hotel.

  • I Wonder

    I sense an admirer of Father Ted has finally had an excuse to publish his/her script 🙂

  • smcgiff

    I wonder,

    She did seem to have total recall regarding the dialogue, but I’d say its true enough.

  • Francesco


    really hope you cope with this little inconvinient with several bottles of home made limoncello..

    what was the name of the hotel by the way?