“But they need to go that step further..”

With what the Alliance Party leader David Ford called an “unhelpful statement” from the Northern Ireland Secretary, Shaun Woodward, in the public domain, and the reported background pressure from various quarters, Brian Rowan, in the Sunday Life, noted the gap between what had been required and what had been stated. The BBC does a round-up of the positions as stated on this morning’s Politics Show.. but, along with the UPRG’s Frankie Gallagher making compariosns which echo Jackie McDonald’s previous statements, there’s a starker statement from the Social Development minister in this RTÉ report [RealPlayer file]

“My deadline still stands. I have, in many ways, moved the UDA to actual discussions with de Chastelain and that is something I welcome. But they need to go that step further. And there’s still some days to go to the deadline. The deadline is still in place.”