Not too shabby at all..

Iain Dale has published his list of the 500 top political blogs in the UK – as compiled from a reported 500 lists of top 10 or 20 political blogs submitted by his readers and other bloggers. A point which is worth noting when I see that a humble NI-centric blog, with delusions of grandeur, comes in at number 32. Thanks to all concerned, the cheques are in the post [They are?!! – Ed]


  • Pete,

    Are there any other NI-based blogs in the top 250?

    I’ve checked through, can’t see any, althoughI’m sure other eagle-eyed Sluggers will tell me if I’m wrong……

    *Pregnant Pause*

  • Nevin

    221 Young Unionists!!

  • Pete Baker

    At a glance, Tom Griffin’s Green Ribbon [117] and David Vance’s Tangled Web [119] are listed too.

    Although, as with Slugger, they stretch their remit beyond the confines of this isle.

  • Pete Baker

    And, as has been pointed out, the Young Unionists make it at 221.

  • slug


    224 Three Thousand Versts…

    226 A Pint of Unionist Lite

  • At last(;), cheers Slug
    Mark 6:4

    It’s a good job I’ve got the English and Scottish nationalists giving me hassle, if I had to rely on you lot…

  • Dewi

    Glyn Davies @78 is very good. He’s the Tory candidate in Montgomery – very strong challenger to Lembit.