Too good to miss…

Malcolm waxes poetical on the, errr, Shipping Forecast…

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  • Words escape me…

  • páid

    He’s good, Mr Redfellow, a thinking treasure.

  • Nevin

    A stout fellow ….

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Here’s someone with plenty to say about Rockall!

  • I am immensely flattered to deserve a thread on Slugger, and for the occasional kind comment above. Whew! Fame at last.

    However, Belfast Gonzo @ 05:07 PM raises an itch I need to scratch. Does anyone know whether there is a script available of David Frost’s listing of the then-remaining British Empire?

    It was on an edition of That Was the Week That Was and famously concluded:
    … Malta, Gibraltar and sweet Rockall.
    The last bit is well known and widely recycled, but I’m seeking the whole list.

  • nineteensixtyseven

    I love the Shipping Forecast! It is really quite soothing.

  • Harry Flashman

    So that’s how you spell “Utsire”, all this time I’ve heard North Utsire and South Utsire and I couldn’t for the life of me work out what the actual word was and being a lazy so and so I never bothered checking, well now I know.

  • The Serpent

    The shipping forecast does seem to soothe in a way no other broadcast does. I used to work overtime every saturday morning and Radio 4 was always on the walkman. When the shipping forecast came on one was transported to somewhere between north utsire and south utsire. It is something about the rhythm and the timbre that makes it work. Its totally irrelevant to me but you think it must be relevant to someone or why would it be broadcast. Anyway as an Irish Catholic its one wee bit of British culture that hits a nerve and which I hope continues!!! Good will to all !!

  • I agree with those who mention it’s oddly soothing quality. It’s one thing I miss about being in the UK/Ireland, not having Radio 4 in the car for TMS, Today and the World At One.

    TSF has a wiki entry too.

  • and before the grammar police get here, I know that apostrophe shouldn’t be there.