More on the bail saga..

Yes, he’s probably a flight risk, and yes, the “access to considerable funds” is an issue for someone who’s also receiving legal aid. But the charges against Ihab Shoukri of “UDA membership, including one of assisting, arranging, or managing a meeting of the loyalist terror group” are of a “serious nature”? How about this meeting then? Or, indeed, this one? Must be a change in the weather..

  • joeCanuck

    Tin foil hats experiment.
    Brilliant. I’ll be chuckling all day.

  • ladysnowblood

    Do i smell an assetts recovery investigation about to start against Ihab and his good lady ?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Maybe he thought he was expected to plead guilty, like his big bro and William Boreland did the other day…

  • ladysnowblood

    Aside from all the money lost in the bookies just how much are these boys worth. If they did have to pay their own legal costs it would be a start in the right direction.Then they can be stripped of all their houses,cars,business’s etc that they own but have never worked for. Them and their wives and girlfriends.

  • Cormac

    “Aside from all the money lost in the bookies ”

    Have to say I never really believed that one. An easy way to hide cash would be to pick up discarded bookie receipts, say they’re yours and that you lost the money. Meanwhile your mattress is getting fatter…

    But that’s just speculation – I’m sure Mr Shoukri is a stand-up bloke and wouldn’t resort to such shenanigans.

  • ladysnowblood

    You’re obviously a good man who likes to give the benefit of the doubt to those who don’t neccesarily deserve it.I am however just a bitter and twisted spectator, deeply in dept, who , like Ihab, isn’t getting a holiday .

  • ladysnowblood

    Maybe Ihab and his “considerable funds” could pay for me to go to disney land.

  • Seems like Loyalists are less forgiving then Republicans.

    The music is about to stop for Loyalists and these two brothers are being thrown to the wolves, deserved or not?

    Seems like Willie Gallagher has some expaining to do with the IRSP/INLA.

    However, as they state:

    A spokesperson for the IRSP condemned the recruitment of informers and encouraged anyone in a similar position to come forward.

    “As a political party, we condemn any efforts by a foreign government to infiltrate our party. We would also encourage anyone else who may find themselves in a similar position of working for British intelligence to come forward and they will get a sympathetic ear from us.”

    O’h and not forgetting a sympathetic finger, some toes, and Nose !!

    How much to rent a cottage in Donegal thesedays?

    The price has shot up !!

  • heelio

    willie g is probably busy chatting with john hogan who has admitted being a brit agent since the 80’s. hogans brother martin was an agent and member of the provos around that time too