Greens video wins ‘Shark Award’…

Just got this from the Greens. Their video from the May election has won them a prestigious Shark Award. Party Leader John Gormley:

This three-minute vignette was not only the most successful broadcast in this year’s election, but probably the most successful in the history of Irish politics.

Which may have a touch of the hyperbole, but if it’s not John might not have made into the Dail, never mind government.

  • dick

    Is any award ever truly prestigious when it has when described to be prefixed with the word ‘prestigious’? ‘He won a prestigious oscar statue’??

  • At first I thought it was great. Then I thought, politics aimed at overprivilleged 10 year olds, presented by overprivilleged 10 year olds, with the intellectual content of an overprivilleged 10 year olds’ school essay. Very apposite.

    But I’m sure it went down a storm at the organic cafe in Sandymount.

  • gram

    Were those the thoughts of the children or the scriptwriters? If it’s the former then it’s a good ad, the latter not so good.

  • páid


    That’s Harsh.

    But Fair.

  • ED

    “ITS TIME” So the green part just copied their elecction slogan from the snp

  • Rory

    “The Shark Award”! heh, heh, that’s really good.

    Little Shark: Can I have my pudding now?

    Mommy Shark: Not until you’ve eaten up all your Greens.

    I was gonna be prestigious once but I couldn’t afford the trousers. Sad, but true.