Woody to issue first gagging order under new act..?

COULD Shaun Woodward be the first Secretary of State to officially sanction a cover-up under the Inquiries Act? The chairman of the Wright Inquiry seems to think so, after Lord MacLean ‘wrote to the Secretary of State to notify him of an “impending application” by the Ministry of Defence seeking an order that would stop the inquiry from referring to “certain information” in public’.

  • myselfalone

    You have to ask why the Wright family did not oppose this inquiry from the beginning knowing that this bullshit legislation was in place to stop the truth coming out.
    Finucane family continue to fight for a full independant inquiry to uncover what seems to be state collusion.

  • Shore Road Resident

    So running republican agents is collusion after all?

  • FRU


    The problem they have is the knowledge of the unit deployed to monitor electronic surveilance within the Maze and other establishments is well known and no matter what the MOD says it will come out.

    It not only affects Billy Wright but many other contentious issues within the jails like the Hunger strikes.


    And HMG is very pleased it does have to answer the very serious charges that could be levelled and proved by willing witnesses.


    It appears the family want something they aint going to get, that is exactly what HMG is banking on. Carry on see how far the teddy gets thrown from the cot.

    Better to take them on head on and fight fire with fire, nothing stopping you carrying out covert filming and sound etc and at the end of the inquiry release the files.

    Old man Wright has the right game plan, take em the buggers on.

    Sig Int

  • DC

    Can we have an inquiry into his life?

  • Ian

    “Can we have an inquiry into his life?”

    A good point, considering his alleged collusion with the security forces (e.g. in relation to the the murder of Roseanne Mallon) might go a long way to explaining why some might have wanted him silenced.