£2million to be spent on 87 CCTV cameras in 19 towns

The NIO’s Policing and Justice Minister Paul Goggins, MP, has announced a £2million programme to erect 87 CCTV cameras across 19 town centres over the next few months. The first will be in Newtownards, but the other 18 towns are not listed. According to Paul Goggins

“These new CCTV cameras will help reduce crime and the fear of crime. They will also play a vital role in tackling anti-social behaviour.”

[Any figures to back that claim, Paul? – Ed]More from the NIO statement

“I believe that CCTV has a crucial role to play in making our communities much safer. They will provide reassurance to both the business community and members of the public that they can go about their business and daily lives with confidence.

“This valuable tool will act as a deterrent, but it will also help to secure vital evidence to support investigations.

“The clear message that I would give today is that there is no room in our society for those engaged in crime and anti-social behaviour and the launch of the CCTV cameras across Northern Ireland will help ensure that offenders are brought to justice.”