Incidents, or reported incidents Jim…?

The mind boogles just thinking about the manpower it would take to track this statistic down:

Mr Jim Shannon (Strangford): To ask the Minister of the Environment to detail the number of incidences of dog fouling, and the resulting number of prosecutions, broken down by district council area, in each of the last two years.


  • Pete Baker

    For “the number of incidences” definitely. Oh, for the want of a ‘reported’.

    But for the others.. not so much really. I mean, each district council does keep a record of each prosecution they take don’t they?

  • Bretagne

    I’ll send to Fianna Fail.

    I see a u-turn coming. Organising – in this place?

    “Jeez – Bertie – I’m not going there to shovel shit”

  • fair_deal

    “The mind boogles just thinking about the manpower”

    If it is too much trouble/cost to produce an answer it can be refused.

  • Donnacha

    No manpower involved at all, Mick. Sure the dogs in the street know the answer….

  • Kevin

    Is Mr. Shannon related to the Terrible Trivium?

  • Madkev

    Donnacha, you beat me to the punch.

    Would it be playing the man to point out what an anal series of questions Mr. Shannon has presented?

  • Alan

    Maybe they’ll get NISRA to sort out an estimate. You know – number of dogs, number of days, number . . .

    Ah, the art of the question ! Mick, perhaps we should call this type of question a “boogle” ?

  • joeCanuck

    Coming soon to an Employment Centre close to you:
    New positions: Dog Turd Counters.
    This will appeal to former (good) layabouts interested in Community work.
    Application forms available at many local pubs.

  • Jamie Gargoyle

    There used to be people – presumably employed by Castlereagh council as it was/is their area – who would come round on a motorbike about once a week, and hoover up dogturds off the pavement with a contraption attached to the bike. It appeared to be a cross between an overgrown hoover and a powerhose, and made a noise like a chainsaw when in use, hence the abrupt end of many a nice lie-in back in my not-really-being-arsed-to-be-a-student days. I’ve no idea if the “Motorbiking Super Pooper Scoopers” are still on the go, but if they are, asking them about their “haul” would give some kind of figure of how big a problem it is, so presumably they could compare that to the number of fines issued and see how many people are getting away with letting their mutts crap all over the place…

  • jim


  • Reader

    Alan: Maybe they’ll get NISRA to sort out an estimate. You know – number of dogs, number of days, number . . .
    No good, because half the point of the question is probably the bit that’s hardest to estimate – what proportion is not picked up by the owners of the dogs? The other half of the whole point is – what are the chances of the selfish git getting away with leaving the crap where it falls?