England thrashed by Springboks.. Ireland to face Georgia..

Mick had asked whether England were “ripe for a thrashing?” The answer would appear to be “Yes”. Nervous times for the Irish squad as they await the hard-hitting Georgian team on Saturday evening. Conor O’Shea’s gives his opinion on Ireland’s tournament [so far] here. Georgia, of course, are no South Africa, but they could cause a skittish Ireland team problems.


  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Reddan and Murphy should come in – Du Preez ( SA) showed the advantage of having a scrum half who can keep vary his options – instead of just passing down the line. Boss run and spills it far to much – dont know how is further up pecking order than Reddan.

    Englezes were woeful – if hopefully they can carry that form forward to 6 Nations should be another triple crown for Ireland.

  • Dewi

    Fantastic scrum half – South Africa in the mix (it pains me to say it cos they are the only team I want England to beat in any fixture in any sport) – got Australia this afternoon here…a nation awaits !!!!

  • Hi Slugger. Bad luck for England. Could they be any worse? Not taking away from SA’s performance of course, those Boks rocked. Scary.

  • Donnacha

    Well that was Engerland’s hardest game, but on the evidence, Tonga will hurt them and Samoa could well beat them. What odds on the reigning champions (he said between gritted teeth) exiting after the first round? They were woefully slow at the tackle, seemingly unable to muster any forward grunt and clueless with the ball in hand.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    What about Hook? Potentially a great player but with little achievment under his belt he has been talked up to greatness far too early. Now he cant get in what is a modest Welsh team. Welsh rugby public are like the Irish football ( soccer ) public in that they cant accept their players are not particuarly good and assume that because once upon a time they were sucessful so it will be again. Hope they beat Australia but cant see them getting close.

  • Dewi

    Sammy – it’s a bit more than that. We got a 75,000 seater stadium which generates boodles of cash. Our players are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. We have the a rugby mad media and public (14 pages on the game in today’s Western Mail). We have hundreds of rugby clubs.

    Compare this to Ireland who have bested us for a decade and more. Rugby is played by 4 men and a dog – there is more Hurling, Gaelic and soccer coverage in the papers than Rugby yet you have produced a world competitive team.

    The mystery isn’t why we are good sometimes – it’s why we ain’t the best all the time !!!

  • Dewi

    Famous last words but there’s a quiet confident expectation in the country…and lots of Aussies out last night !!

  • Jospeh O’Connor&Gerard Devlin

    South African players were outstanding last night,they belong to the strongest team in the world right now,together with All Blacks and Australia.Habana,Petersen,Du Preez are superstars so far.As regards Ireland:if the Irish feared Georgia,they probably should leave the tournament,the difference is too high indeed,Ireland can’t worry.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    it’s a bit like the ageing popstar still buys the clothes puts on the make up and shakes the ass but somehow just cant gets it back.

    Re. Western Mail (who incidentally insist on repeating the misprint “British Lions”) what a shocker of a paper – they feed that illusion of greatness and always blame the coach – never the players. Rugby sells papers in Wales and no one want to admit the awful horrible shocking dreadful reality that despite the factors you mentioned somehow they they just aint good enough.

  • IJP

    Good thing England’s football teams (both genders) are doing well, otherwise recent sporting woes across the board would really send the economy crashing!

  • the ship’s cat

    living in a house where I agree that the kids & I will support the ones in the green shirts only if the ones in the white shirts aren’t playing, I was quite surprised that Francois Pienaar in the beeb studio didn’t start giggling, and I regret that a gren shirts/white shirts fixture appears quite unlikely.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Just back from Millennium stadium – those touts took one hell of a beating – paid 20 quid 10 minutes before kick off.

    Wales showed spirit but some way off.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Hard to see past any of the Southern Hemisphere sides. They have a real advantage going into the World Cup given how many games they have played compared to any of the Home Nations. Sadly, when one looks at the Tri-Nations matches, they also play a much better game than any current side we can produce.

  • GavBelfast

    For the Northern Hemisphere teams anyway, the same thing seems to be happening at the moment as has been taking place in football for years – new and emerging countries getting better and producing more and more encouraging results until the shocks start to come, then confidence grows more, the game gets more attention, and followers, and players, attracts more experienced coaches, and so it goes on.

    This is embarrassing from Ireland, even though the team should still win (14-10 up at present).

  • Dewi

    Oh well – about 5% off I reckon. THat Latham is a magnificent athlete but I reckon if Jones had kicked his kicks in the first half could have been a different story…….South Africa in the quarter final…..hmmm

  • abucs

    The scary thing is that the English weren’t short on spirit. They just weren’t even close to being good enough.

  • Gréagóir O’ Frainclín

    Robinson was the best player for England, a bit like Steve Hunt for the RoI. Little terriers darting about the field causing havoc. But the Sprinboks were big strong bastards however and way too skillfull too. England were way too lethargic and seemed rather lost in comparison. Their world champions crown is long gone.