Glad to have been of some service…

One of my first assumptions in setting up Slugger, was that if we made intelligent choices about what we blogged, we’d attract an intelligent audience, draw in more intelligence and, ultimately, be of use to unknown others. It happens all the time, though we rarely call attention to it. On Monday a 2003 UNESCO report was sent in by reader Nevin and was quickly blogged and quoted from by Pete on Monday, and by Wednesday the same document with the same quotation shows up in a Sinn Fein press release. All we can say is: glad to have been of some public service…

  • hope this cosy relationship of between peteb and SF continues 😉

  • J Kelly

    mick sure you know its all for a good cause…well done to the eagled eyed press office

  • me

    plagarism is part and parcel of the web these days….it’s not such a big deal anymore, call it regurgitation.

  • Nevin

    Mick, if we widen the focus a little we’ll see some other changes to the landscape adjacent to the World Heritage Site:

    Perhaps the Ministers will eventually realise they’ve turned or been steered into a cul-de-sac. It also seems that our politicians and civil servants could do a lot more to protect this AONB.

  • “… been of service …”

    Right, so how do I turn off that bloody talking ad for bloody Doughty Street?

  • Sean

    Its not plagerism…. unless they quoted the Slugger article or Unesco report with out attribution

  • runciter

    Right, so how do I turn off that bloody talking ad for bloody Doughty Street?

    Firefox + Adblock

  • Mick Fealty

    I wouldn’t exactly call it plagiarism either… Though, I guess it is probably up to us to press rather more pro actively when we feel we have case that some material and stories came from these ‘ere parts…

  • Mick,
    have you checked the Tip Jar?

    I am sure all donations will be gratefully recieved for services rendered.

  • Rory

    Information that was already in the public domain was notified to Slugger by an alert contributor and subsequently used by one of Slugger’s team on a thread. Another body quotes the same information that, as we agree, is already in the public domain and accusations of some quaint form of neo-plagiarism of Slugger material(whatever the hell form that might take) are bandied about.

    Is this a symptom of paranoia or grandiosity?

  • Dawkins


    Well done. (See how nice I can be?)

    Malcolm Redfellow,

    “Right, so how do I turn off that bloody talking ad for bloody Doughty Street?”

    What ad is that? Being a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed chap, I’ve never seen it :0)

  • Well, Dawkins, if you haven’t got it, you’re better off without it. And, thanks to runciter @ 06:25 (to whom all fame and kudos), I no longer have it either.

    However, I expect this little bit of Tory pollution (will someone please inform the boy Zac?) may be connected to the following feed:

  • Dawkins


    Do remember that Mick keeps Slugger going through revenue generated by ads, no matter how annoying they can be.

  • Dawkins @ 09:39 PM:

    Indeed, and greatly appreciative of both Slugger and Mick’s revenue flow I am. I even tolerate the sidebar flashing for one cause or another. I merely draw the line at a disembodied voice aggravating my hang-over.

    However, to my last-but-one afternoon (now some years gone) at the “World Heritage Site”. I am ambling off as a large and shiny Mercedes pulls into the car-park.

    Chauffeur opens rear passenger door, and he who appears to be African-diplomat-type extends well-shod foot from rear, followed by Saville-Row tailored dark (and necessarily ample) suit.

    Uniformed guide arrives, introduces himself, and hands are shaken.

    They pass me by, ignoring this peon. However, I catch this exchange:

    Well-upholstered gent: “There must be a lot of culture round here. Music, and so on.”

    Guide: “Nah. It’s mostly country-and-western.”

    Who says Norn Iron lacks civilisation and civility?

  • PeaceandJustice

    parci – “hope this cosy relationship … between peteb and SF continues”

    It has been clear for some time that we have SF IRA paid posters on here. So it’s hardly a surprise they are quoting some of the material.

    Art Hostage – “I am sure all donations will be gratefully recieved for services rendered.”

    But what is Mick going to do with some dodgy Northern Bank notes?! SF IRA have some cheek to say anything to the DUP given their involvement in bank robberies and the use of dirty money to gain advantage. Time for a truth process regarding the finances of SF IRA.

  • Dawkins


    LOL @ the “culture” story.

    It must indeed have been “some years gone”. I don’t know when C&W became simply Country but it must have been long before Garth Brooks rode into town — or do I mean flew into the room?

  • Alan

    Another example may be today’s AQ – as the subject was raised earlier on in the week

    3. Mr Brian Wilson (North Down):

    To ask the Minister of the Environment what is her assessment of Mr Justice Gillen’s judgement of 7 September 2007, which indicated that there should be a separation between the Planning Service and Environment and Heritage Service; and of whether or not this would be resolved by the establishment of an independent Environmental Protection Agency.

    (AQW 234/08)

  • Nevin

    “All we can say is: glad to have been of some public service…”

    What is the current state of play?

    Are the Ministers rolling back from the ‘Portbraddan fault‘?

    Will another developer build the centre for free and hand it over to a public authority?

    Why did the first developer undergo a name change on August 1, 2007?

    Will Moyle Council request a meeting of all the ‘stakeholders’ before making its mind up about the public v private question?

    Can a judge, a government minister or a senior civil servant be a shareholder in a development or similar company without compromising their judgement when said company appears before them?

    Should a Government minister authorise a full background check on a company before indicating a preference for that company’s proposals?

    Should our public representatives be protected from legal harassment as they carry out their duties; should they threaten legal harassment if it endangers or stifles legitimate debate?

  • J_K

    P and J

    Just to clear something up for you. There are SF do not pay anyone to post on slugger.

    Yes SF member take part in the debates – as do other politicos. Big deal.

    Get a life.

  • Nevin

    I have yet to receive any payments or other ‘inducements’ not to post on SoT …

  • Sean

    You can get paid to post? Why didnt any one tell me and here i sit and type for free??? well except what my present employer is poaying me anyways. Can any one reccomend me to the payroll department of SF if double dipping is good enough for ole man Paisley then its good enough for me

  • Dev

    Well-upholstered gent: “There must be a lot of culture round here. Music, and so on.”

    Guide: “Nah. It’s mostly country-and-western.”

    Who says Norn Iron lacks civilisation and civility?

    Posted by Malcolm Redfellow on Sep 13, 2007 @ 09:57 PM

    Ha Ha! I’ve always wondered why Country music was so popular in NI? Even in our local music scene you’ve got quality bands such as the Delawares, the Dregs, Captain Kennedy, Bap Kennedy, Cat Malojian to name but a few who are country influenced or straight up countriphiles

  • I’m delighted that a couple of others share my warped sense of humour.

    I have to admit to a liking for Country, though I draw the line at the worst of the religious schmaltz (itself a lovely word, meaning goose grease, of which I once saw a definition which included “even when freshly prepared is not for the faint of stomach”).

    To that extent, it is a term appropriate to issues of planning, which deserve to be addressed very seriously (north and south). I apologise for detracting from a thread of considerable importance. For an obvious example, I was not aware of the dimensions noted by Nevin @ 11.57, and am grateful for the steer.

  • Dawkins


    “…am grateful for the steer.”

    Holy cow, is that more Country talk? :0)

  • Dawkins @ 05:12 PM:

    By some sort of ESP, you anticipated my latest blogging on my own site ( — sorry about the self-promotion) on foot-and-mouth, the boy Dave’s recurrent foot-in-mouth, with a pertinent reflection on Maggie Thatcher-and-bullock-calf (and no, I’m not referring to the second baronet and celebrated desert-driver).

    So, yes, indeed.

  • Dawkins


    Shameless self-promotion to be sure but thanks for the link. Nice blog too. I’ll swing by again soon for a more extended visit.