“I am an Englishman and a subject of Her Majesty the Queen.”

On the European level there is a bizarre, but understandable consonance between the Euro sceptic English Tory and dyed in the wool Sinn Fein supporter. Neither is comfortable with the proposed disaggregation of their nationality to Brussels, and the potential deepening of the democratic deficit. David Vance links to a particularly empassioned cry from the heart of Simon Heffer:

I am not a citizen of the bloody European Union, except on a technicality. I am an Englishman and a subject of Her Majesty the Queen. I intend to remain that way, and when I go abroad I wish that last point to be made abundantly clear on my passport.

I do not wish to have what remains of my national identity, of which I am inordinately proud, subsumed into the sovietised European empire by these menacing Orwellian bureaucrats whom I have never elected and who have never had the manners or the decency to ask me what I feel about these important matters.

As the Libertas blog notes, scepticism is on the rise, and national parties are expected to continue to be punished with increased representation from Eurosceptic MEPs. And of course battle has barely yet been joined over when is a treaty not a treaty, but a constitution in disguise debate.

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