The gap between us and the Kiwis…

Hmmm New Zealand (43) 76; Italy (7) 14… and our score at Ravenhill last month: Ireland 23-20 Italy. Never mind big scores against Namibia and Georgia, we just need to hit some convincing form… to close the gap…

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  • O’Driscoll and Horgan missing must count for 20 pts; the italians played much better in the 2nd half against NZ, keeping the score down, and missing a 3rd try of their own.( disallowed )
    Ireland can take heart from a dismal French vs Argentina performance; so the plan is to beat those two, top the group and meet NZ in the final, and get the shamrock talismans out !

  • I wouldn’t jump to too many conclusions based on these two matches.

    In Belfast, Ireland were keeping their powder dry, trying to avoid injury and also not giving too much away to the video analysts of France and Argentina. There are no prizes for winning all your World Cup warm-up matches, after all.

    Today, New Zealand wanted to put down a marker and fielded their strongest side. I think that Italy froze due to the occasion. This result is not reflective of their place in world rugby. I still think they will finish second in this pool.

    After all, they managed to score two tries against the All Blacks!

  • Dewi

    Not entirely on thread but Rugby related with a character from there in it.

    I grew up in a mining village called Trecelyn in Welsh, Newbridge in English. (Home of the boxer Joe Calzaghe and Lions captain John Dawes by the way). Six chapels, 2 Mines, a Catholic church (in the Spanish style) and of course a Rugby Club.
    The village doctor, an Irishman, (Ulster prod I believe) and a lovely bloke was on the committee of Newbridge RFC. We always had trouble with the bolier in the club and twice it blew up in the early sixties.
    The second time it happened the club were facing extinction. Dr Buick addressed the committee:
    “I have a great idea lets have our 75th year anniversary next year and have a bunch of celebratory games”
    T which my Uncle Bill replies:
    “Brilliant Doc – and the year after we’ll have our centenary”
    Nobody knew when the club had been established of course but that worried no-one.
    So we had our 75th and raised some dosh through playing select invitational sides etc.
    Roll on through to 1988 and of course we had our centenary – played Japan,Romania and Wales as a warm up to the 5 nations.
    Of course a book was published.Lost my copy but title was something like:
    “Newbridge RFC – the first 100 years”
    It began with the glorious line:
    “The founding of Newbridge RFC is shrouded in mystery….”
    Ain’t that wonderful !!!

  • Amy

    I don’t know about you but I”m expecting great things from Ireland, I think they’ve come a long way!

  • abucs

    The All-Blacks look their usual unstoppable selves.

    Better to try and avoid them and hope the Aussies knock them out.

  • Mick Fealty

    The first (and for now the only) job is to get beyond the group. The second is to avoid the All Blacks. To that extent I agree with Allez Les Noirs:

    That Ireland will be our 2007 Banana Peel – I say “They have never beaten us. They won’t achieve that in a RWC knockout.”

    Second would suffice for the first; winning it would get us the second.