A five point plan for the UDA

Denis Bradley offers his thoughts on what the UDA should do to restore credibility in particular with the political class. It includes engagement with the IICD, a resolution to wind-up the organisation, a time-frame and a trusted intermediary to negotiate the conitnuation of the funding.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Restore credibility ? Like they had any in the first place ?

  • garavoche

    Right enough stalin.

    Correct me if im wrong, but this article is as vaugue about the porpose of all this cash as any I have read.

    The ceremonial part sounds lovely, but a million quid spent on ceremony and headstones would equate to something rivaling Disney World’s haunted house. (Which I am looking forward too).

    I don’t want to be pedantic would really like to know what is specifically meant by “community delvelopment”. Also which community’s are they going to develop? Do I get to say anything if they try to develop anywhere near me?

    The wishy washyness of the whole thing really makes me suspect they are not being paid to do anything at all, rather they being paid to stop.

  • Otto

    Solution for the UDA? Bring back the SAS to teach these murdering sectarian vermin some manners! That`s what they did during the Troubles and it worked wonders.

  • POL

    Was the sas ever used against the uda otto.