“local action rather than organised action by any paramilitary group..”

The Chief Constable, Hugh Orde, is reported to have described the recent tarring-and-feathering of a man in Belfast as an “isolated” incident and that it was a “local action rather than organised action by any paramilitary group”. On the first point I can see how it can be described as such – in terms of the action itself, it is an isolated incident. On the second point.. let’s just say I’m sceptical. It’s also worth noting that the victim of that attack has not been positively identified. And while there were some who expressed an understanding of the motives behind that attack it will be interesting to see how many also understand the motive behind the shooting, in both knees, of a man in the Galliagh area of Londonderry – described in this report as a “suspected punishment shooting”.. and how the Chief Constable reacts. Additionally, as I have mentioned before – “Either there is law or no law. That is the basis of a civilised society.”One additional point, from the Belfast Telegraph report on the earlier attack

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson appealed to the UDA to “desist from this kind of activity” and cooperate with legitimate law enforcement agencies. The Lagan Valley MP said he did not believe the incident should lead to Ms Ritchie changing the terms which had been laid down to the UDA.

You can appeal all you like, Jeffrey. There’s a different game afoot.

Whether a certain group will address the implications of that game remains unknown..