Più Pavarotti

As Mick noted earlier, “Even if tenors and opera are not your thing, Pavarotti was hard to miss.” Not least because his fame was such that in his later years, whilst his voice may have no longer been up to the more demanding classical operatic gymnastics, he was still making appearances with, shall we say, some unlikely collaborators.. such as old grumpy himself, Lou Reed in 2001. Via the Big G’s Newsblog Adds The Guardian’s Music Blog links some of his classical operatic gymnastic performances.
Some of those other appearances..

An earlier collaboration with the Walrus of Love, the late Barry White

The [also] late James Brown in 2006..

Le Minelli..

and.. ermm.. Mr Loaf..

And if it wasn’t unlikely collaborators, it was unlikely songs..

But back to more familiar territory.. Paris in 1998.

RIP Luciano.

Adds Via the Big G’s Music Blog, Pavarotti di prima qualità

With Joan Sutherland.

Some Puccini..

And from La Bohème [Puccini again] in 1979