Gilmore takes Labour reins

With no other candidates standing against him [a new trend within Labour Parties? – Ed] RTÉ reports that Éamon Gilmore has been formally declared as the new leader of the Irish Labour Party following the resignation of Pat Rabbitte in light of the party’s poor election performance. More As usual from Cian at Irish Election including Éamon Gilmore’s acceptance speech

Most people in this country want Labour to do better because they trust Labour to do our very best for the country. All I ask now, is that Labour gets a fair hearing as we begin the process of renewal.

[Not according to the last election result, Éamon – Ed]


  • Eamon is another former ‘Stick’ so it will be interesting to hear what his views will be on possible co-operation with other centre-left parties.


    Gilmore is Rabbite without the charisma or entertainment value.

    How anyone hopes he’s going to make the breakthrough is a mystery to me.

  • Wee slabber

    Gilmore = YAWN!

  • large memo ion

    Gamelier moon

  • inuitg

    Of all the former DLers, Gilmore wouldn’t have been the one who exactly reached out and spoke to me.

    Anyone know why Liz McManus from Wicklow turned it down?

    You gotta say that with successive leaders Democratic Left has come out well of the merger in one way, although Irish politics is the poorer for the absence of a credible left-of-labour voice.

    Irish Labour should stop trying mimic the centre-right NuLab direction of their mainland cousins and provide a decent left-of-centre voice to Irish voters.

    With SF in total disarray in the south, with splits, losing councillors etc., there is opportunity for Labour to move up.

    But really – is Gilmore their best possible leader for that?

  • JD

    is Gilmore their best possible leader for that?

    Given that Rabbitte has quit – YES

    part of the reason DLers have done well out of the merger is that old Labour has collapsed

    All the party’s TDs in Cork (3) are ex DL – in fact in the entire of Munster there is only one “Old Labour” TD (Brian O’Shea of Waterford) as Jan O’Sullivan in Limerick is ex-DSP (Jim Kemmy’s Party). Niether of the two Kerrys and two Tipperarys have Labour TDs, while other rural strongholds such as Meath & Louth barely have a functioning Labour Party.

    When Labour & DL mergered 90% of the “new” party was Old Labour. When the grassroots got the first chance to pick a leader in 2002 they threw out Dick Spring’s old guard that had Labour trapped in 1992.

    Dick Spring’s Labour of 1992 just as surely as Garret Fitzgerald’s Fine Gael of 1982 have left their party with a poisened inheritance. DL threw Labour a lifeline and they are only just keeping their heads above water.

    I don’t envy Gilmore’s job – that said he’d do a better job than Joan Burton, Tommy Broughan and especially Brendan Howlin.

    Will there be a hustings for Labour members in Belfast?

  • sammaguire

    Saw Gilmore on RTE news circa 1994 knocking private enterprise in Ireland. These are the people who long for the return of the 80s when you could get a Dublin London return flight for 250 to 300 punts on a half empty plane. Evil capitalist Mick O’Leary normally gets about 50 euro off me for the same service. On a full plane of course for some reason. Not sure about this but anyone know if Gilmore was one of the bright sparks that objected to Ryanair getting a licence in the first place; the apparent argument being that Ireland was too small an economy to support two airlines; the real argument being that private enterprise is evil and might actually give ordinary working class people a chance to afford air travel.

  • KDE

    Gilmore reigns – takes Labour