Slugger and the Rugby World Cup…

Just had the happy news that I have managed to acquire a ticket for the Ireland versus France game in Paris on Friday 21st September. I’m hoping Aaron will also be there, and that, between ourselves and Michael (Robinson) we can sneak some blogging in between festivities. Ireland’s in the group of death, so the French match is likely to be decisive. I see the Irish Embassy is open the next day, but knowing the extent of their generosity in the past, I may give it a bye, be good and catch the plane home instead. Good new: O’Driscoll may be fit to play the first game. NOw where’s that French phrase book?

  • Alan Anderson

    Well ill be in the Bot drinking either Heiniken or the black stuff wearing any of the 4 provinical jerseys or the national one if its not overly smelly from being worn too much. Im boycotting the new jersey as i prefer the traditional rugby shirt not this new soccer-rugby mix.

    “No Dozer” im genuine there is nothing like attending an event that is truly memorable, and by all accounts im glad you had fun I also know for a fact you werent the only Irishman in the crowd(both nth and sth) and they also had a great day, albeit entirely centred on SPORT not tribalist sheeite.

  • nmc

    I think I’ll be taking a wee trip down to the Sports Warehouse down at Yorkgate to get myself a couple of cheapo rugby tops, the selection’s pretty good and it’s cheap as.

    Unfortunately working tomorrow for the game but I reckon I might bring a TV in with me. The excitement is building big time. We could really do well here if we keep it together, and the right team turns up.

  • Ireland team to face Namibia just announced.


  • Kloot

    Im boycotting the new jersey as i prefer the traditional rugby shirt not this new soccer-rugby mix.

    Yeah, I dont like it at all. Gave my old one away to a mate heading back home to Africa. Went down the ebay route of buying an older one, but while it looked authentic, when it arrived it was too small and almost certainly a fake.

    How come Ireland have continued with Canterbury anyway. Their jerseys are way to expensive and its a tad uncompetitive when the price is the same everywhere including online

  • Alan Anderson

    Bought the new munster one its addidas very nice jersey except for TOYOTA on the front, much nicer than the cantebury and nike offerings tho

  • Michael Robinson

    One the subject of jerseys… an alternative world cup jersey put together by an inventive Munster fan (with the help of a Polish seamstress)

    see thread here:

    I assume there are 4 of them….

  • Michael Robinson

    oops.. link to thread about jersey is here:

  • Dewi

    (and clearly if they’re going to win anything it’ll only be by keeping their first XV fit)……that’s the trouble Lafcadio – after Argentina and France you might be down to X….or even V. NZ and French approach of concentrating on building a squad of truly competitive players huge advantage in such a tournament.

  • Alan Anderson

    That 4 province fantastic jersey id pay for that big time!! Shame tho you miss out on the other 3 crests, but we cant have it all

    Ugh went at lunch to have a look at buying new shirt given it was in my brain to buy something to wear for the RWC. Did anyone notice the white line under the O2 makes your gut look EVEN bigger. Ill be stickin to old school jerseys

  • Alan Anderson

    There is also a Temporary Irish consulate open in Bordeaux also for the duration of our stay there.

  • Soooo jealous when I hear people who are actually ‘there’.

    Green with envy!

  • Prince Eoghan

    With Malic.

    Don’t be disappointed, hardly anyone reads ALL the links provided. C’mon have you seen have the links Pete B puts on his threads? Ok instead of saying hello to the boys in the honest from me, perhaps you could give a quick wave to the ladyboy’s on the Osaka road on behalf of Outsider and Dewi ;¬)

    I know Scotland seem to be considered as some kind of week link here but the Scottish press are quietly confident. As for saturday we will definitely hump Lithuania!

  • Heh Eoghan – hell, I thought someone might hit the ‘group of death’ link! Anyway, not ‘too disappointed’ – this is my first journey onto this site, as I regularly check what links I get & where from… followed it back to here.

    Lithuania? I think we’re watching different sports mate! 😉
    On my calendar, you lads play Portugal on Saturday. If the Scottish press are advertising ‘Lithuania’… well… ‘gulp’.

    Osaka’s bit of a journey for me, and I didn’t even know there were lady-boys there in numbers. I’ll have to take your word for it! 😉

  • Prince Eoghan

    >>I’ll have to take your word for it! ;)<

  • No Dozer

    Alan Anderson
    I was there for the sport chum! My wife and I enjoyed the game, didn’t sing any tribal party songs and enjoyed the crack with the England fans.
    In fact there was a few N.I. flags in the England crowd ( not ours)but fellow Northern Irish people who obviously do not support the anti- unionist I.R.F.U.

    To be honest , while I enjoy watching and in my younger days playing rugby and football I have a life outside of sport ( like my children) which to be honest are a lot more important to me. It seems to me that you live and breath rugby and are prepared to insult people who might not sing from the same sing sheet as your self by saying that I was engaging in tribalist shite by supporting England. I believe that we are never going to agree on the flag and anthem issue for it is obvious that you are as proud of your flag and anthem as I am of mine.

    By the way, when in Australia my wife bought our young son a T- shirt which had on it, Future Ireland player which he wore until it was too small for him. I thought he looked great in it and it didn’t annoy me one little bit.

  • Dewi

    Hmmm… at half time I reckon that stupid English Ref a bit pro-french …Argentina doing v. well.

  • Dewi

    I never expected that – france terribly un-coordinated.

  • Lafcadio

    France were pi$$-poor, as they are capable of being.. the scenario that I talked about could now play out, with us beating argentina and then being beaten by France on the rebound – although we should be looking to beat both of those teams – and it coming down to BPs and points difference..

    wide open group, we have as good a chance as anyone..

  • Prince Eoghan

    Ireland could be in trouble – Argies with their tails up, very, very professional. The French will be desperate to atone for a terrible performance which was mainly due to the Argies snuffing them out.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Cat amongst the pigeons now.

    Wish the Argies had’ve made one of those last kicks to deny the French a bonus point.

    Now it looks like we need to batter the Namibians with bonus point a la 4 tries; hold out for less than 7 point defeat agin a much-to-prove backlashing French; then need to secure 8 point or more victory over an Argentine side still on a high after the French triumph and subsequent battering of Namibia.

    The biggest losers tonight may end up being Ireland……


    On the other hand- we could still end up top of the group in such a scenario and avoid the New Zealanders in the last Eight.

    All to play for!

  • IJP


    I’ve just got to come in and say I agree with you 100% on this one, mate!

    A fine analysis. Irish fans will be concerned.

  • Dewi

    It makes France Ireland massive….nos da

  • Indeed… September 21 looms large.

  • Dewi

    I suspect you have all seen that:

    Almost in the same class as:

  • Lafcadio


    Ireland will be looking to beat both France and Argentina, France are unlikely to be as bad as that again, but they are eminently beatable, if Ireland play to their potential.. They lack a game-controlling no.10, a game-breaking no.13 and decision-making all around the park was absolutely non-existent last night, despite the presence of their supposed leaders Ibanez, Pelous and Betsen. Their gameplan, if there was one, was appallinly executed.

    As for Argentina, they were physical, their defence was strong, but they created next to nothing – exactly like their performance against England. Further, France really didn’t challenge them – if Ireland compete up front and vary the point of attack, we can beat them.

    That result yesterday was ideal for Ireland – we will easily get BP victories against Namibia and Georgia (as will France, and probably Arg) – the group is wide open, and Ireland will be aiming to top it for a QF against Scot/Italy.