Sceptical not cynical..

I keep reminding myself that I should be sceptical rather than cynical.. but it’s difficult not to be cynical when I see reports like this one. Perhaps the same individuals who have spent 4 days in Finland could inform the rest of us what exactly they advised others were the lessons from here? ‘Better that the poison stays in the system’, perhaps.. Adds The BBC’s Mark Devenport has some links And In the comments zone Gonzo points to this International Herald Tribune report on those talks, a report which includes this intriguing line

Members of armed groups that “are not classified as terrorist” would be encouraged to adopt “peaceful political means” and given jobs within the state administration.

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  • perhaps the idea that we all have to live together, despite our differences

  • slug

    Jeffry Donaldson and Martin McGuinness can each advise on whether it is better to be outside the tent pissing in, or inside the tent pissing out.

  • Dewi

    did not realise that Jeffrey Donaldson was talking to Martin McGuiness – perhaps its the Finns who are doing the reconciliation stuff….

  • haha
    seriously though peteb let’s hear your thoughts on what is this poison of which you speak.
    See my view is that we have the truth, but we just haven’t interpreted it properly yet!

  • PeaceandJustice

    I can just hear the Bogside Butcher in his Londonderry accent saying: “Look lads, you need to hit them hard and be more focused. Bomb economic targets. Bomb the Prime Minister’s office. Plus murder any politicians from the other side you think might win any arguments against you. Murder anyone who even sells sweets to the other side. Eventually you’ll find yourself invited for tea in the same Prime Minister’s office that you had previously bombed. And then they’ll invite you into Government. It’s simple really.”

  • IJP


    Lord Alderdice does actually know what he’s talking about. So a good thing he was there!

    Actually in principle it’s a good thing for NI to be involved in. A direct input on the world stage will do our confidence no harm.

    But that’s not to say you’re anything other than spot on. I’m a cynic anyway. You have to be in this place!

  • Pete Baker


    Our confidence?

    We didn’t have a say in which individuals attended. As can be seen by the actual list of those who did.

    As for a direct input.. well, more like ‘here’s one we did earlier’ from “the Crisis Management Initiative, an organisation headed by the former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari who served as an independent inspector of IRA arms dumps.”

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Some more detail here.

  • I Wonder

    I think its clear that the outcome is being based on the Mitchell Principles which include commitment to democracy, disarmament and a thorough and comprehensive investigation of the past. Sounds familiar…

    But, whatever the cynicism and the sneering – people aren’t being killed here any more. I get the impression that sneerers posting would love to see a return to the 2 bodies a day headcount.

    I think the Iraqi people would even go for that death toll at the moment..

  • Wee slabber

    I noticed that while Billy H’ from the UVF side was there, poor Jackie Mc of the ‘good UDA’ was left out. Is he getting a chill message from Finland?

  • Bog warrior

    Robert Fisk was on radio ulster this morning commenting on this. I don’t know how but maybe you can link to this Pete?

  • middle-class taig

    “Lord Alderdice does actually know what he’s talking about.”

    Who said Slugger had lost its ability to shock.

  • I Wonder

    I am reminded about something someone said about swords and ploughshares, but no doubt some born-again Christian was chastise me for my ignorance…

  • Alan

    If good can be done, then it should be done.

    What would be the reason to do nothing ?